December 28th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

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A look at 7,000 years of religious development (NYT reg req'd), through various stages, in the Oaxaca Valley.

Pic of the day is a rather special dragon, by Marie Holland, an artist particularly skilled in non-Potatoshop coloring, as you can see. [Edit: Yerf is temporarily unavailable for a day or two. You can, meanwhile, find the image here instead]

A postcard depicting Rabbits of the Wild West.. and a piece depicting lapine millinery.. or is it? ^_^

When I visit Japan someday, I'm going to have to look into this hotel. ^_^ (It'd have to be the Hello Kitty room for me)

Amongst the many, many items in Sanrio's range: Badtz Maru condoms.

Of geek interest, an interesting article on the analysis of (Windows, particularly) worms by use of compression, grouping those results together, and determining a new variant's nature based on its proximity to those results. Presumably a similar technique could be applied to annelids and nematodes also.

Quite neat. Option Wireless has announced their GlobeTrotter PC Card, enabling a laptop user to connect to any GPRS network anywhere in the world, being a quad-band device, as well as any 802.11b/g WiFi network.

A bit of a nuisance.. I recently had need of the camcorder's battery, only to find it had, like unrequited love, perished at the hands of time. (Would you guess that whilst I thoroughly enjoyed chemistry lab practicals - at leastm those not involving determining melting point by inspection of a tiny sample in a very thin glass tube being gently heated up - writing them up in formulaic, staid prose was far more of a chore?) Mercifully, despite being of 1995 vintage (that's the year after Baird's initial forays into television), replacements were to be found all over the web, even if half the retailers were fronts for the same store. And not at exactly the same prices, either. So, an unwanted expense, but it'll mean a 2100mAh battery instead of the original 1200mAh block.

If "fruitality" were a word, what would it mean?

Quote for the day, from the current DNRC newsletter: "Each one of you has so much animal magnetism that woodland creatures stick to your body when you hike through the forest."
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