December 24th, 2004

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Via shadowolf, the weblog of someone who's recently become a werewolf.

Here's some rather lovely classically-styled rabbit artwork, by one Melinda Copper.

If you've previously thrilled to the nutritional joys of a Swanson Hungry Man breakfast, please consider these gastronomic delights as well. To which I should like to add the package of chorizo I once accidentally inspected, with, top of the list of ingredients, "lymph nodes".

One extra, new episode of Mr Benn, from the original writer, will be aired on New Year's Day, on Nick Jr.

stego_s_aurus may be able to answer this one.. ^_^

An interesting perspective on current life in Iraq, from an ex-CIA member of the private security forces; not the least eventful of career choices..

Build your own Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC). But first, to better familiarise yourself with computer technology, how about the Ladybird book, How it works… The Computer? (1971 and 1979 editions)

Christmas Day (though, none of us are particularly religious; I'm atheistic, though I do enjoy the Tao Te Ching. Not much of a surprise, for a red panda :) eating should be interesting, as I seem to've been tasked with (one of?) the main meals, with the vague guidance of "Chinese", as I was driven to one of the local supermarkets. ^_^; I'd have preferred some advance notice, but, I winged it as far as the purchasing went - it's perhaps a little conservative, but I thought tiger prawns and glazed walnuts with broccoli in a white sauce would be a safe bet for a centerpiece. It's a bit fiddly to prepare the walnuts (or pecans), getting the toffee/caramel mix to the right point, then getting all the nuts in and out, and separated to cool, but it is worthwhile. Thankfully, they did have some raw, chilled tiger prawns around - no need to make do with pre-boiled ones. (The technical term is "icky") Beyond that.. well, I took the precaution of obtaining some toasted sesame oil, as that makes for great fried noodles, without actually using much oil.

Other than that - well, there are the shiitake, and I've got some good oyster sauce, and really nice black bean paste, plus some cassia bark (with, as I recall one spice guide noting, a higher slime content than cinnamon bark), there's some chicken and turkey strips, some firm tofu in the larder, and some good rubbed beef.. I'll hash something together. ^_^

SCO - apparently not doing so well. Aw.
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