December 5th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

So, this is it, then. We're all going to die!

If you're looking for a new programming language to learn - one offering a little challenge - you might want to look at Unlambda: "the following Unlambda program calculates and prints the Fibonacci numbers (as lines of asterisks)


And from the Department of Helpful Error Messages, these two, courtesy of Windows: take the money!, no, the box, the box!

It may take a few moments to parse the image, but this example of bodypainting is rather an impressive combination.

This was a surprise little find, which I've recompressed to a slightly more sane filesize - a 30 second teaser (688K AVI) for the 2005 series of Doctor Who. It doesn't actually show anything, but still.. it's really on its way. ^_^

W00t! Having completely failed to capture the video while it was doing the music channel rounds, I've stumbled upon a copy of the video for Electric Six's "High Voltage" (6.7MB QuickTime), a very silly piece of work. Slightly manky compression, but it's still fun.

America Free TV looks like it might be worth keeping an eye on - legitimately free video and audio streams, covering classic movies, comedy, blues, and more. (When I dropped by, the movies stream was running Hitchcock's version of The 39 Steps, as an example)

If you mixed ripoffs of Starblazers, Sailor Moon, and Akira, with a reluctant Popeye, you could wind up with this (8.5MB QuickTime). And this Animation Nation forum thread posts some sample images from the forthcoming CG Popeye feature, produced by Mainframe. I can't say I'm terribly convinced yet.. feels like one to let the reviewers field first. ^_^;

Rather cool. I'm far from a religious sort, but I do warm to the message of inclusiveness as promoted in the United Church of Christ's current TV campaign. (Ironically, it's that very message that's caused NBC and CBS/UPN to refuse to air it. It will be airing on several other networks, though) And as a sidenote, I was pleasantly surprised by the calm tone of Mainstream Baptist, a weblog by Dr Bruce Prescott of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists. Slightly unfortunate acronym, though. :)

Lifted from bohor's vaults, Spamusement. Exactly as the site claims, "Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!" eg I flew to London for $75 round trip, or We have sexy lingerie for YOU!

Geek card. (Much simpler than it might look at first glance, but still fun)

I'm hoping austin_dern doesn't encounter this kind of situation too often.

More from the Judiciary With Humor Department, the appeal ruling from Fisher v. Lowe, 333 N.W.2d 67 (Mich. App. 1983), which reads, in its entirety:

We thought that we would never see
A suit to compensate a tree.
A suit whose claim in tort is prest
Upon a mangled tree's behest;
A tree whose battered trunk was prest
Against a Chevy's crumpled crest;
A tree that faces each new day
With bark and limb in disarray;
A tree that may forever bear
A lasting need for tender care.
Flora lovers though we three,
We must uphold the court's decree.

Oliver Stone's next project? Margaret Thatcher..

Your Brain on Porn - actually not as salacious as it might sound, and quite safe for work. Sorry. ^_^
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