November 12th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Audion comes together in a heap of trouble

Niftiness for the day comes by way of rabitguy, who pointed out one of the keenest examples of Flash I've yet come across: The Beatles, "Come Together" . It's not tiny, at just under 8MB, but well worth it even if you're on dialup. And Melon Dezign's website has an exceptionally cute, and far too brief, intro sting. ^_^

A Heap of Trouble (6MB QuickTime), an odd little Sgrîn production. Not really safe for work, although you might just be able to get away with it. ^_^ (Might possibly want to keep the volume low, in that case :)

An interesting alliance: Cobb (Green) and Badnarik (Libertarian) are raising funds to file for a complete Ohio recount, estimated at $110,000, covering 11,360 precincts. You can listen to David Cobb on KPFK in LA on the matter here (6.7MB 16kbps MP3). If filed, one key distinction is that punch cards - as I understand, the primary system used in Ohio - would be inspected manually. A request would be filed within five days after the certification of the result, which would include the absentee ballots, whose counting begins on Saturday; County boards have until Dec 1 to certify their totals, in readiness for the Electoral College voting on Dec 13.

Scopitones! Get yer scopitones here! Onna stick!

If you feel like noodling around with the service menu of your TV, this page lists the means of accessing them for several major brands, as does this one. (Be sure to heed the warning - note all the original values of any settings you change!)

Odd.. catching the train back the other night (multiplatform, lots of destinations, but mostly everyone knows where they should be), a train came slowly rolling up, announced as the one I wanted. Yay! The driver was only doing conductor duty, as it were, though, checking the couple carriages, before leaving. It was in the right place at the right time, confirmed by the monitors on the platform - but because no-one was getting on, no-one was getting on. I checked again, and entered through the one open door, taking a prime table position (so much the better to enjoy music videos on the way back, on Dormouse). Seconds later, others followed. Erf?

From sockscatt, a poor, unloved, unwanted tree.. on eBay.

Despite being portrayed as a fox (not that there's anything wrong with that :) in the Firefox logo, I was most pleased to note they've not forgotten my kin in the Mozilla Store. ^_^ Meanwhile, some people have too much time on their paws..

Pee-Wee Herman might be back yet - Paul Reubens is apparently working on two new screenplays, with the hope of starting filming next summer.

For those within reach of Orange County, a neat little (free) event from Laguna College: "Laguna College of Art and Design will be hosting a very exiting event Saturday Nov 20th. We are fortunate to be able to showcase a collection from the archives of the Chuck Jones Foundation in our school gallery. We will be showing the development of Chucks work from though process to creation of his characters and fine art. Also we are honored to have Animation director (Looney Tunes Back in Action, Pochahontas) and good friend of Chuck's, Eric Goldberg visiting. We have rented out an old movie theatre in Laguna and Eric will be screeing some of Chuck's rare films and dissecting the work frame by frame."

Quite a special review of the Bill Hicks Live DVD.. where did all the sharp comics go? George Carlin seems to've lost his edge - I suppose there's the occasional Bremner, Bird, and Fortune, such as Between Iraq and a Hard Place, but that seems to be almost it. (Well, okay, Have I Got News For You sort of counts, collectively. And there is, mercifully, Jon Stewart)

The University of Tennessee-Knoxville's running a survey on 'net use for political information, if you feel so inclined. (They're wanting only those eligible to vote in US elections, it should be noted)

Your chance, at long last, to have Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for yourself. But for a quirk of fate, he might have occupied the position then taken by one Mouse instead..

Quite an amusing sub-thread starts here.. that's the last serious posting, aside from those of one poor soul not quite catching on.

Actually more entertaining than it sounds: The True Story of Audion, one of the first and best MP3 players for "classic" Mac OS. Be sure to check out the many pop-up links. ^_^ (Finally, we know the answer to what a graffle is)
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