September 1st, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Ringtailed bag says "L!"

Very, very silly: the Infinite Cat Project.

How about some adorable flying foxes?

Remember that satellite tracking program that was demonstrated during the WWDC keynote? A demo is now available. Not free, at $30, but it's so pretty.. the demo does, unfortunately, place a hefty block of text in the screen as an exceptionally unsubtle fee reminder. (The requirements listed are recommendations - if it's jerky, just anchor the viewpoint so the Earth isn't zooming around) It's one that has to be seen to be appreciated. And, of course, it can also run as a disturbingly hypnotic screensaver.

If you're familiar with Jim Woodring's Frank, you might want to check out an animated short, set in his world: there's a broadband version, and a dialup version, both as RealVideo streams.

Yet another voting machine tampering issue. This time, on Diebold central tabulators, which tally the results from many polling machines - up to two million votes. And despite the trivial means, and its demonstrated weakness to various state officials, not a lot's been done. Here's the story. Reassuring, eh?

Quite an interesting four-page article on a novel approach to connecting related fields of study in this Wired article. One enjoyable, if tangential, quote: "When he smiles, his eyes narrow to jovial slits. If I were slowly losing my mind, I think, I would want Crome to break it to me."

And for severely short-sighted folks, a new treatment is on the way:"STAAR Surgical's three-year study with its implantable lens found that nearly 60 percent of the 294 subjects wound up with 20/20 or better vision, and 95 percent achieved 20/40 or better. Almost all of the patients said they would have the surgery again, and fewer than 1 percent said they weren't happy with the results. The surgery takes about eight minutes and is performed using only anesthetic eye drops. The patient can see clearly immediately following the surgery."

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages are fairly wonderful. Take a look at the entry for Sichuan pepper, for example. Names in various languages, the different variants that exist, taste description, chemical compositions, photographs, recipes, history.. ~happy~

As I love collecting herbs and spices for the kitchen, I took the opportunity to add another on the last groceries run: cassia bark. It's otherwise known as "Chinese cinnamon", for the obvious reason, though I note on that page that "cassia bark contains significantly more slime (11%) than Ceylon cinnamon bark". Yay slime!
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