July 18th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Metallic pandas, dragons, and 'roos

On the theme of "how are furries and furrydom seen from the outside?", I found Michel Gagné's report on Anthrocon, as one of the GoHs, beautifully affirming. But then, he does sound like a cool guy.

Plus, there's really quite a good article on furries, from a Philly-based paper, also looking at Anthrocon. (Thanks to loganberrybunny)

Pretty nifty.. this guy carves out coins, leaving the figure in question smoking. ^_^ He also carves out coins from around the world, including the particularly furry currency of Australia. (Sadly not including the 5¢ echidna - presumably too small to work on) Dragon lovers, meanwhile, might like the Chinese section.

A very short story: The Orange. It's anthropomorphic, inasmuch as most oranges don't talk; or rule the world, for that matter.

Another set of coins, this time in full color. Wonder how that's achieved?

The iTMS now has 36 sessions of the 9/11 Commission available; search on "commission" at the Store, and they'll turn up.

Interesting. There's a bill in the works mandating the provision of photovoltaic panels on an undetermined percentage of new Californian houses. Given there's sufficient solar energy even in the UK to provide for most heating needs (which, of course, needn't be room heating, but hot water also), it does seem strange that there's negligible utilisation of the resource in California, whether photovoltaic or simple heat absorption.

I'm curious: does anyone know of examples of mythology or other folk tales involving red pandas? Oddly, I'm having a terrible time trying to find any.. I mean, yes, we're good at not being seen, and like keeping a low profile, but there's surely some legends from China, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India, or Myanmar involving my kin.

Whilst I can't say I thought terribly highly of the anime series Texhnolyze, I'm quite caught by the diverse domain of its soundtrack.. one track's highly processed 90s guitar thrash, the next is exclusively gentle, melancholic classical strings, followed by energetic kodo and mellow jazz cornet.

Let's play Spot the Difference!

A nice screensaver for Panther - it spins a metal clock, whilst overlaying the output of your choice of RSS feed. (From the "Why? Because we can!" department)

Western civilisation marches on: the Sack O' Sauce in a Can O' Meat. And remember: wherever there's Squirt, there's fun! (Come on, can you say that without giggling?)

A handy guide to the easy way to getting Nessus, a particularly handy security tool, installed under OS X, along with some other handy tools, like ethereal.
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