July 9th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Transparency in politics and concrete

Well, that was a bit of a surprise.. I was rummaging around online, and spotted a movie title, Derek and Clive Get the Horn. Looked it up, and it's what sounds like a fun Peter Cook & Dudley Moore affair; the director's name sounded familiar, though - Russell Mulcahy. One click later, and I knew where I'd seen the name around recently: the return of Dr Who, and the original - excellent - Queer As Folk. Further down his directorial list, a bit of a surprise: Highlander. ^_^ (Strangely, it also listed a second Highlander. But we all know that doesn't exist)

Pic for the day was an easy matter: this astonishing rendition of our very own foofers, by sixthleafclovr.

A reasonably serious political leanings test at Political Compass. It's fairly lengthy, but intelligently designed, and isn't a quiz that labels you as a specific figure - simply calculates where you lie on their 2D scale, and finally shows where they place a variety of international figures, by way of comparison. Me?

Economic Left/Right: -4.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.51
(ie in the lower left quadrant given)

This is just rather neat: translucent concrete. The accompanying article goes into a little detail about its raison d'être.

(Free NYT registration required) Here we learn of a golfing civil engineer who has divided Mongolia into 18 holes.

"The total fairway distance is 2,322,000 yards. Par is 11,880 strokes.

Last summer, Mr. Tolmé teed off on June 5 in Choybalsan, an old Soviet Army garrison town in Mongolia's far east, facing the Chinese border. Fifty days and 352 lost balls later he surrendered to nettles and high weeds and halted his march in this interior town, his ninth hole.

[...] But Arvayheer is about 100 miles west of Mongolia's geographical center, and Mr. Tolmé is confident that, about 5,000 strokes from now, he will putt his last ball into Dund-Us."

According to this detailed review of Tamala 2010, it's apparently only the first of a trilogy of Tamala films. Ye gods. Imagine that triple-bill..

Good site for Safari geeks: Dave Hyatt's weblog. Recent topics include the HTML extensions Safari 2.0 is introducing, in order to support Dashboard, as well as HTML editability and plug-in scriptability.
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