June 11th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

The cat dancer, a feline aviatrix, and arcs all around

Kate Worley, writer of Omaha the Cat Dancer, lost her battle with cancer last weekend. Her family is, aside from the loss, now also left with medical bills which threaten to cost them their home; donations would be welcome.

Something that might appeal to schwitters and huskyteer: The Adventures of Mia, a furry tale of a girl mixed up in air racing in the 1930s. (A larger image of the first cover can be found over at Rabbit Valley) One issue out, with the second being solicited for August.

(FWIW, I took a couple days off from LJ, so I'm only now catching up with what everyone's been up to. ^_^)

From the "it's just neat technology" department: the Australian National University's Heavy Ion Accelerator - basically, a large VdG generator. Fun! ^_^

But.. if you want to see something of that kind.. powered up, please enjoy this 1800K JPEG of a Sandia facility. Trust me - it's quite a sight, even if you're on dialup. (But, at home, you might have to make do with putting various things in a microwave)

A cool net.radio station: Kawaii Radio. When the first track playing is The Seatbelts' cool jazzy Space Lion, you know it's going to be worthwhile. (The Seatbelts provided much of the soundtrack for Cowboy Bebop) Which led me to discover the potentially very handy RadioRecorder, which, unlike the ever-helpful StreamRipperX, provides for timed recording, à la VCR. (The latter's more for immediate ripping, and provides a proxy for listening at the same time)

Some exploration into the unknown, in the deepest ice cores retrieved.

PC World mentions Seagate announcing, amongst others, 2.5" drives up to 100GB at 5400 and 7200rpm. Yum. I'll soldier on regardless. ^_^ They're also entering the increasingly popular 1" market, as found in the iPod mini.

Here's a journal vastly more interesting than mine: Neil Gaiman's.

Browsing around the iTMS, in vague hope of locating the Dragon Half OST (not just for the infamous end theme, a superbly deranged Beethoven melange, but also the full version of Dick Saucer's theme, amongst others), I happened upon "It's a Drag to Be a Dragon", by Zak Morgan. The preview's moderately interesting, and suggests it actually is about dragons, rather than some metaphysical representation. Nothing about red pandas, I'm sorry to say.

Hm. I may have to give Telediscount a try; they're yet another imprint of 18866, 1899, and Telestunt, amongst others. Their reputation seems reasonable, and 1p/min (total cost) at all times to Western European countries, the US, Canada, Australia, and so on isn't bad at all. That particular version of the company doesn't offer carrier pre-select (CPS), so it works much like a calling card, except the cost comes about as simply another phone call on the bill.

Oooh, a couple new furry stories of interest! Both themed around transformation into plushies: Toy Store, and Uninvited Guests. The first is the better of the two, I feel, dealing with one man's change into an overstuffed rabbit, whilst the latter's more of a TF-fest, but still enjoyable. There is non-consensuality in both, I should note.

The local megamart had two "Thai selection" packs for 1/3 normal price, making them fairly reasonable: they include lemongrass, garlic, shallots, galangal, and bird's eye peppers. And lo, it did come to be - something approximating a Thai green chicken curry, with the above, plus fish sauce, fresh basil, a little shrimp taste, and plenty of diced turkey thigh, left to simmer gently for an hour or so, before being completed by the addition of some baby corn, fine green beans, and baby carrots, left for only a couple minutes, so as to retain their texture and flavor. Really not bad at all. ^_^

From pancakebunny - a community dedicated to Oolong, a Japanese rabbit - a not-advert for IHOP.

One fansub group's begun an older series which sounds promising: Oishinbo: "... (roughly, Progress in Deliciousness), depicts drama and intrigue within the world of Japanese gourmet cooking (complete with detailed drawings of the food)"

The wisdom of Britney Spears: "I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes." (September 2003)

Spooky. I thought "Lucky Jack", the jackrabbit from Home on the Range, looked like Shawn Keller's work, and so it is. Meh, maybe I saw the credit in a posting somewhere.

Another OS X LJ client to try: Phoenix. (Amusing backwards compatibility - not just OS 9, but a 68k version as well, and one suitable for 1-bit displays) Still - I'm using the usual web entry, as.. what more do I really want from a dedicated client anyway?

Linus Torvalds on his forthcoming move from Santa Clara up to Portland: "The plan was to try to acclimatize and have time to grow webbed feet (although I'm told there are implants available) by moving during the summer."

A curious bug: "You print from Mail, but the printout looks strange - backwards and upside down, that is. Instead of standing on your head and using a mirror to read it, try our helpful tips before you print."
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