June 4th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Tender Loving Care and Society as Black Holes

Any suggestions for furry IRC channels (which ideally don't mind quiet sorts mostly sitting quietly in the background)? Preferably with a low quotient of flaming, though that's easy enough to ignore; although one might suspect otherwise, sometimes, looking at how well-fed trolls often are.

I rediscovered one of my favorite satirical songs! Rush Limbaugh, cheerfully performing a showtune, "I'm a Nazi". Even if you agree with his political stances, it's well worth listening to simply for the quality of the production, the lead vocals produced entirely using clips from his show.

Rather a cool idea, for all involved: a program now running in thirty of Ohio's thirty-three prisons, where inmates set about rescuing "throwaway" dogs, known as Tender Loving Care. (Courtesy of jainasia)

On a similarly positive note, here's quite an elegant, simple piece of engineering: a roundabout which is also a water pump for a small town in South Africa. Fun and highly practical at the same time - isn't that something commendable?

More good geeky fun, next Friday (June 11th), in Fort Mason: Bruce Sterling's giving a talk, beginning at 7pm; $10 donation requested, though not required. (Wish I'd been able to get along to Brian Eno's last year!)

Apparently, in common with other species, ducks have regional accents. It seems London ducks have 'a rough "shouting" quack', whilst their Cornish country cousins 'give off a Cornish burr of a quack, rather like a "giggle"'.

Finally, another quite reasonable quizilla thingummy, with some mildly thoughtful questions along the way..
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