May 26th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

The birds and the bees. And the sheep. Don't forget the sheep.

Kit-Kat with white chocolate and a lemon yoghurt filling. Yum. ^_^

The perfect unbirthday gift: canned bees.

This photo, supposedly, was taken in Patagonia. Obviously, I'm suspicious - don't motorbike passengers need to be fairly cooperative? But WTH: it's a neat image in any event.

Courtesy of MacBidouille, a photo of some poor guy's process of shunting data off a failing hard drive. The key component: cooling it. ^_^; (Hopefully Bunny's drive isn't going poof any time soon.. it's now about five years old, and whilst it's a little on the noisy side, it's always been that way - a TravelStar 14GH, the largest available in 1998. ^_^)

Thankfully, Sunday and Monday's flu was mostly gone by the time I awoke on Tuesday, and all is now back to normal. ^_^ Much of the joy in visiting friends (or being visited) is, ultimately, the sharing of experiences, even as simple as enjoying a film or anime episode together; however, I think I'd exclude flu from that list. Ah well. We persevered, and a few more episodes of Azumanga Daioh let the time pass enjoyably all the same. ^_^ Would that there had been time enough for more Princess Tutu.. speaking of which:
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And finally, for now, enjoy quite an entertaining tale of a security mechanism outside Area 51, courtesy of The Register.
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