May 19th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Encouraged subversion, fermentation, and contemplation

Aha! I just spotted a torrent for May 7th's edition of Have I Got News For You, featuring Boris Johnson's father, and helmed surprisingly comfortably by William Hague, former Conservative Party leader. If you've ever wondered what I'm blathering on about when I mention this show, this would be a good introduction. ^_^ (Looks like an MPEG-1 file, as it's 291MB)

Woohoo! Friday sees the second day of the Chapter's Maifest, with some thirty German beers straight from polypins and casks. And the weather's looking like it'll be positively clement, too.. of course, I'm particularly looking forward to meeting up with the inimitable akira114, on the latest leg of his book promotion tour for "How You Can Make a Better Future For Yourself, Using Only Duct Tape and Common Spatial-Temporal Anomalies".

Location of a beer does make a difference. For comparison, I'd liken the delta to the luscious juiciness of an orange segment plucked from its skin, to Sunny Delight. I'm not especially fond, for example, of lighter styles, such as Kölsch, but my gods, the pints we enjoyed at a random bierkeller (lierally; 15th Century cellar extending two levels down) in Hamburg a couple years ago - unlike anything I've ever tried. Straight from their brewing vessels on the premises, it was a typically golden color, but with a magnificently bright, warm taste, reminiscent of - in all honesty - a good vanilla ice cream. Simply excellent. And nice to see those Bavarians aren't hogging all the good grains. ^_^ I really should have enquired as to the malts and hops involved, but the time was all a bit hurried. Suffice to say, it is to the "lager" spectrum what Westvleteren No.12 is to Belgian ales - or beers generally, for that matter.

I wonder if I can override a font specified by LJ? I've only seen a font specified in one instance, thankfully, but it really disagrees with me. Maybe it can be a feature for the final release of OmniWeb 5, as the current betas support a good selection of site specific preferences. Or might this be better handled with a style sheet for my Friends page? LJ gurus, help! ^_^;

Other than that.. well, yes, it's been a relatively quiet time. Popped out earlier on to pick up a couple new (and gratifyingly cheap) garments for Thursday's interview, dropped off the form for interview expense reclaiming (more of a safeguard than anything else, as the company will be covering the costs), and then embarked on a little random drive in the countryside, touching one or two tiny villages along the way, before stopping awhile by a lake, not far from home. A bright blue sky, a gentle breeze lightly riffling the water's surface, tadpoles beginning their wiggly lives by the water's edge.. it's a perfect place to take pups out for a stroll, which indeed a few folks were doing. (Or indeed, an ideal barbecue venue, if the rules permit.. no signs indicating one way or the other, so hopefully it'd be fine, as long as folks were careful, and considerate of their waste. Mmm, a real burger - 5% fat ground beef plus seasonings, nothing more - straight off the coals.. or tiger prawns.. or brussels wrapped in bacon..)

Hey, Stego! That grill still around? ^_^

Red pandas are often quite active in the twilight - and really, it's not difficult to appreciate why. Wandering around the village, objects so prominent in the foreground during the day recede into an evening silhouette, the cool blue sky gently melting languidly into a buttery golden hue, the air around affording the fresh, gentle coolness of early summer, with so few other people around.

Dogtato-kun is probably the first anime to star a dog-potato. And a cucumbird.
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