May 11th, 2004

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Those Wacky Yoorpeans and Merkins in their Flying Machines

My apologies for such a dull update. ^_^;

Attempting to build a career within the computing profession is all too often akin to establishing an empire, should one happen to be a fruit fly. Yet, that hardly prevents friendships from being born and continued - eight years on from Trilobyte, I was so pleased to receive a reply to a quick query, from another hack^Wdedicated professional who worked there, and remains a local resident, at the nearby college. It's a little frustrating, I admit - I've not had many jobs, but they've almost all (with the exception of a scurrilous outfit in SoCal) been with such cool crews that it's all the more frustrating when the positions almost inevitably, it seems, go bang.

LiveJournal can be most educational. Did you know that, as taurenova relates, last week was "Rabbit Obesity Awareness week"?

Now this I found noteworthy: news of a 1:6 scale prototype of a European space shuttle having completed its first test glide (not powered flight) from 8000' successfully. Sadly, it'll still be 2015-2020 before the real thing is ready. I should find out more about this, and how it compares to less "Shuttle"-oriented technologies - the sooner flights can be turned around in hours rather than weeks, the better.

Curious little difference.. in Swedish, "frokost" is breakfast, whilst in Danish, it translates as lunch. Even "må" comes in for some conflicting use:

"Må jeg hjelpe deg?"

Translation from Danish: "May I help you?"
Translation from Norwegian: "Must I help you?"

Finally got around to taking the contacts out again - I never seem to get around to it. I know I took the right one out in mid-January, but the left's been in a little longer.

What a rum affair Michael Moore's been having with Eisner! On Moore's site, it seems the basic points were that Moore signed the deal with Miramax (a Disney company), for funding and US distribution by Miramax. A month later, Moore's agent and Eisner met - the latter furious at the deal, citing endangerment of tax breaks in Florida and suchlike. It would seem, nonetheless, the contract stood: the filming continued, financed as agreed by Miramax. A few weeks ago, the Disney board voted not to distribute Fahrenheit 911, leading to the present acrimony. I'm unclear as to whether this nixes distribution outside the US - such points are probably only clear to the parties involved; similarly, what alternatives exist within the US is something nobody uninvolved can tell. Still, it's always welcome to see as pleasant a fellow as Eisner helping to dig his hole a little deeper; who'll succeed him, only those more familiar with Hollywood might sensibly speculate. (I've seen reports claiming that Gold & Disney would like Jobs to take the helm, but that would seem a stretch - he's only one person, after all, and taking charge of three companies at the same time would seem like an extraordinary task)

Oy. Domestic drama day.. first, the car's occasionally deciding to triggers its alarm spuriously. Of course, being several years old, there's no documentation on what is actually installed. Then, on arriving back home, we find the key for the back door (a nice secure item) has managed (a long story, I gather) to get lost down the gap between what was the house's original exterior wall, and the wall of the newer extension - a gap of about 2x8", likely extending 5' to the ground. Next task: obtaining a suitably persuasive magnet to be dangled down the gap on a long string. Then, after dear ol' mother wakes the baby up by hacking away at the ice on the defrosting freezer, I suggest using a hair-dryer gently; the suggestion's greeted about as warmly as the task in question. *sigh* One can but try to help. Still, she's not had the best of days (or months), so I can hardly mind.
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