May 8th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

My god.. it's full of animals!

From the "stating the bloody obvious" department comes this quote: "Dealing with widespread worms like Sasser raises the cost of using Windows, a research analyst said Wednesday." (Still, at least Sasser was a creative work, for a change, taking advantage of an actual coding flaw, rather than yet another "run me for boobies!" script. If only those sorts of trojans could destroy the hardware in question.. I'm no Windows admirer, but actively choosing to run an anonymous program really ought to have some sort of penalty attached)

*sigh* I feel so left out.. I don't think we really had a full street address where I came into the world. (Certainly, no street - just us on our little spur, and a few other houses off the main road. And a mailbox! I think there was even a phone booth, too)

And for some reason, that was first typed as "toad". Which does conjure up some wonderful James and the Giant Peach style imagery. Reminds me, I still haven't seen Tim Burton's version of that..

From the "incredibly long shot" department: I don't suppose anyone would have a subtitles file for Maratonci trce pocasni krug, a Serbian comedy about a family of undertakers? It looks promising, but being able to understand the dialogue would be helpful.

Could be interesting - a debate on the proposed UK ID card scheme, May 19, at the London School of Economics.

Beer of the Day: Wells' "Banana Bread Beer", a surprisingly well-balanced bitter, with only a modest fruit influence, yet still enough to be rewarding. It may sound like a peculiar combination, but it's easily worth a try. (Available, amongst other places, at Asda, as part of their uniform "any three for £4" pricing)

A classic piece of Farkery: replace the human actors in movies with other animals. (Note: on dialup, this will take until 2007 to load; but it's worth it. Where else will you see Cowboy Bebop the Movie, with Pokemon? So very, very wrong) Other submissions of note: Dances with People, Top Gun, Eraserhead, The X-Pets, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Saving Private Pug, and The Lyin' King (not Kimba, this time).

Good grief.. I was pleasantly surprised how well William Hague (former leader of the UK Conservative party) acquitted himself on Have I Got News For You. He really seemed to fit in. Maybe this should be a mandatory part of the General Election procedure? (If I could ever see Shrub in that position, I'd maybe not kill to see it, but at least breathe heavily on someone following a hearty evening of sushi)
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