May 5th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

A dinosaur, a lion, a mouse, some nuts, and a dozen pizzas

Of particular interest to stego_s_aurus - news of a lion on the loose in Columbus. Collapse )

"We were promised food pills. Instead, we got conveyor belt sushi bars with cute babes miming karaoke tracks on stages surrounded by wall to wall plasma screens playing anime 24 by 7, and robot drinks trolleys that apologize to you when they nearly run you over on the way to the lavatory. In Edinburgh. Three years ago. While sushi rice may have evolved as the original mediaeval Japanese answer to the science fictional food pill, the presentation is infinitely more stylish."

- from Charles Stross' look at the future. It's intelligent, thoughtful writing - unhesitatingly worth reading, if you have a few minutes spare. From the same entry:

"Cognitive philosopher Daniel Dennett suggests that human consciousness arises as we apply our theory of mind, laboriously developed for predicting the likely behaviour of predator and prey species, to our own internal mental states: consciousness is the story we tell ourselves to explain our own actions. Consciousness is a side-effect of story-telling: as a writer, I like that explanation."

This is simply impressive for its grand industrial scale - the most powerful diesel engine in the world. Each cylinder displaces 1820l, producing 7780hp; and no, there are no missing decimal points. ^_^;

And a different variety of heavy machinery: Robosaurus. Seems like it'd be an effective solution to the Mysterious Pile of DOOM foofers sometimes witnesses.

If you're musically minded, MusicOnTheMac has just begun a competition for the best original GarageBand composition submitted, running until the end of July, with $1000 to the winner. The catch, so to speak, is that you grant them rights to use submissions on their forthcoming GarageBand-only station, and for others to download; all other rights are retained by the composer(s).

Do nuts absorb marinades? I was idly ponding seeing if pistachios would take up something of the sweet, vaguely caramely taste of condensed milk, as part of a cookie recipe. Still, even failure would probably be quite a pleasant outcome.. which reminds me, I need to try making a persimmon pie sometime. I've only tried the fruit once, and adored it immediately.. it had been in the fridge for over a week, and wound up being fabulously sweet. No wonder it's a tanuki treat! (And on that note, amongst the coming set of Buena Vista releases of Studio Ghibli productions is the superb Ponpoko, yay!)

Hm. Seems you can find two realistic sets of pizza icons here, available in original thin-crust, and stone-baked. Aqua: not just lickable any more.

OmniWeb 5.0b6 is out, and does indeed seem to fix the "waiting for available connection" bug which marred b5. It's also much friendlier on processor usage, making it as nimble as (if not better than) 4.5. Definitely looking good. (Any thoughts from those seasoned in the ways of Firefox or Opera?)

And finally, enjoy this pic of Snowdrop, perhaps the cutest mouse in the world, courtesy of bunny_hugger.
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