April 20th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Of dancing cats and syncopated meerkats

Pity.. I poked my muzzle into alt.tv.tiny-toon, to see if there might be some of the people I remember from the group left there - but, it's all overgrown with spammish weeds, not a single positive sign of life in sight. (It's where I met the fur who turned out to be my first love.. ^_^ Any guesses which character sparked it all off?)

wolfushusky has an icon huskyteer might appreciate. Be warned: it's very cute.

Isn't a curious reflection on the current state of Disney that many of the reviews I've read of Home on the Range (which I've not yet seen, but I'd still be interested to hear anyone else's impressions) make note of the lack of any memorable songs, despite their pedigree, yet the direct-to-video Lion King 1 1/2 (or elsewhere, Lion King 3. Go figure) has, amongst others, that meerkat song. Then again, manglement there's had a problem with their "A"- and "B"-list role reversal for a while: consider Atlantis and Treasure Planet, against The Emperor's New Groove and TLK 1.5.

On an animated note, I've been watching Rock & Rule again, and I'm struck by just how well animated the production was; in particular, the degree to which different elements on-screen are "kept alive", rather than paying attention only to the primary focus. And I adore Iggy Pop's voicework as Mok..

Sadly, it fell into the same trap as the excellent Cats Don't Dance (with some particularly good characters, and choreography courtesy of Gene Kelly) in having a storyline that's aimed at an older audience than the now-traditional Disney demographic. That said, a friend's 4- and 7-year old daughters lapped it up, including Darla Dimple. ^_^ (The movie's foil, a sarcastic parody of another All American Little Girl star from some decades back)

And speaking of TF imagery, Kemono Inukai has two new pics up, on "Artworks 20" - Latex Insects and Dranubis.
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