April 9th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Beauty and peculiarity of the minutiae

Bad pun, courtesy of Hactar on afca:

Q: What kind of modem did Jimi Hendrix use?
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LotR:RotK runs for a little while next week, so that'll be an ideal opportunity to catch it on a big screen. Although I'll admit that I'm more looking forward to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.. ^_^ I'll be particularly interested to see how well it's received - not just from the perspective of the whole series being filmed, one would hope, but whether the story can enrapture an audience as LotR managed so successfully. (I can't quite make it, but Saturday sees them run the trilogy in one day.. but that might be rather more bum-on-seat time than anyone short of a truck driver can manage)

What an odd day Wednesday was.. uneventfully into Blackwood station, and then approached by a bunch of boys asking something I couldn't make ; I'm fairly good with a wide range of accents, but a heavy Welsh influence can easily defeat me. We parted, none the wiser. A few steps on, and a gaggle of girls asked if I could go into a store for them. (This is where my Twilight Zone lamp came on) A visit to Mr ATM later, I caught the Cardiff bus, and was immediately asked by another passenger whether, given her aunt was on morphine for liver cancer, and treatment for angina, if she'd live much longer. (I admitted that morphine was a fairly heavyweight substance, but it all depended on the individual case, and what therapy was being given. I'm no MD by a long chalk) Frost with much loud banter between passengers at the back and the driver, who seemed to know each other. (And then Mouse decided to revert to its old behavior of sulking on being put to sleep.. it took a good 15 mins or more to convince it to power up, on reaching the Chapter. Maybe it's an incentive to try tackling the lack of power reaching Ocelot's backlight.. I'd love to have that usable as a portable once more)

Hey ho. I'm a foreigner wherever I go. ^_^

Watching Azumanga Daioh for (only!) the second time around, I'm reminded just how brilliant the comic timing of the animation is - and how well it succeeds on a relatively limited budget, compared to big Western productions - and how much fun the characters all are. And the furriness involved - it's not a furry series as such, but it would hardly be the same without, such as Sakaki's perpetual troubles in trying to convince one local cat to be friendly (far better seen than described), the plush cafe of the series' first cultural festival (apparently a common annual event in Japanese schools. Can our foreign correspondent balor confirm details?), followed several episodes later by a plushie cafe. ^_^ Towards the end, there's a touching sub-story involving Iriomote mountain cats. (Or a minor scene where Yomi, having returned from Hokkaido, hands out presents - "You like animals", so Sakaki receives a can of bear stew) And throughout, a perky, often jazzy soundtrack, well worth enjoying on its own. I'll just have to remember to abduct rabitguy next time around to ensure we get to watch it all. Although four episodes in the heart of the City, in a summer-warmed nighttime garden, courtesy of tgeller, is surely better than even the entire series anywhere else. ^_^

As for the characters: I suppose I'd say I'm about 75% Sakaki, 25% Osaka..

I wonder who, amidst this august assemblage, has the most sonorous voice? I'm looking forward to hearing akira114 at some point, though he'll face stiff competition from tgeller. I have a feeling foofers might also surprise people, though I can but guess. Anyone else care to step forward?

W00t! OmniWeb 5.0b5 came out on Wednesday, and perhaps most importantly of all, restores gopher support. ^_^

And it's a glorious Spring day, with many of the arboretum's trees venturing forth their fuzzy buds, some already proudly showing off their blossom to the world. The river running by, gulls taking what advantage they can, people ambling by on their own, or with MOTASs, or children.. it's a beautifully calming place.

BTW, austin_dern, have you seen the Powerpuff Girls episode Meet the Beat-Alls? Just how many references are there in those mere fifteen minutes?

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