March 17th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Swords and teeth and pac-man shirts and things that would go BOOM

This is an amusing Penny Arcade. ^_^ (Of course, it can be thought of in multiple ways, depending on what you want to read into it..)

Nanosaur II: Hatchling is now available, in demo and full forms. Whether it'll run happily on anything I have remains to be seen (given my quirky access of late), but I thoroughly enjoyed the Allosaurian original; the claimed required minimum is a G4/700 and 32MB Radeon/GeForce2. ^_^;;

"Why do you think I took on 'Jaws: The Revenge'? Because it was the dead of
winter, and it was an excuse to go to the Bahamas for a few weeks. I am not
some sybarite or idiot movie star with an ermine-lined swimming pool, but I
do have a certain standard of living, which is fucking high." - Michael
Caine, 1988.

404: these Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed. *giggle*

Can anyone suggest a good place to find a USB keyboard (the musical variety) for as close to nothing as possible? (Or, for that matter, any old Casio or such and MIDI-USB converter)

Oh.. my. Um. Er. There's going to be a Seven Samurai video game.. Collapse )

The updaters for OS X 10.3.3 are now out via Software Update and on the fruit company's site. Usual bits and pieces, including what may be some helpful Samba enhancements.

An' I drew something last night. ^_^ Just a very quick little head sketch, nothing of any significance, but I'll admit it's not completely hideous, and is (well, okay, not that surprisingly) very similar to my style of a few years ago. Mmm.. it's a feeling I've not enjoyed in much too long.. almost meditative, but with the essence being creation rather than contemplation. (Of course, I forgot to bring that slip of paper along for scanning, but hopefully in the next few days)
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