March 10th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Urban legends, and sweet drinks and emotions

Finally got around to watching Urbania the other night, and indeed, well worth the time invested. I shan't go into detail, to avoid spoilers, but it's not one to shy away from the emotional impact personal events may have. It's set in the Big City, with the backdrop being urban legends - yes, the stolen kidney is there, so to speak, and several of its friends. What point in that? The key lies in one line, "But things like that never happen, right?" I should caution you - it does contain some crackling writing in its higher points, but it's also a fairly savage tale; be prepared. Definitely recommended. (Perhaps even more so for those who've found twue wuv, even if it's subsequently slipped away)

Mm, the Chapter population does vary with the time of the week. On a Thursday or Friday, it'll be crowded by 6.30pm, and stay busy throughout, whilst a Monday seems to see the place fairly quiet earlier on, but nonetheless gradually picking up, to the point of few spare tables, by the time eight rolls around. The layout of groups remains similar, though - a couple groups of 3-6, but mostly couples otherwise. (In the sense of "two people", not anything deeper)

Perhaps this is something I love about furcons, and cons generally - little groups like this are far more likely to actually check each other out, and amalgamate. ^_^ (No, no, not like that - well, maybe sometimes) Hmm. Wonder if I can make it along to Anime Expo this year? Doubtful, but would be nice.. I've been along to two or three of them, for Saturdays only (day of the masquerade - around 3000 in the audience, taking over an hour simply for everyone to enter. Eep!)

I've come to the realisation that, in the absence of an espresso maker and a variety of syrups (Torani caramel, mmm..), a most satisfactory caffeination can be achieved by the combination of (a couple teaspoons of) good instant coffee, along with a teaspoon of Ovaltine. That slightly malty roundness to the flavor is really good. (Does anyone else have a weakness for malt beer? Non-alcoholic, it's essentially a sweet fizzy malt-based drink in the spirit of ginger beer, popular in Germany and Malaysia. For years, it was virtually unobtainable outside Germany, but seems to be spreading gradually. Ahh, Vita Malz..)

Other films I've seen recently: Stitch - the Movie and The Last Unicorn. S:tM was an enjoyable tale, with surprisingly decent animation, and the movie's original voice cast. It lacks the sparkle of the original, but it remains an enjoyable production. TLU I felt suffered somewhat from rather hesitant voice acting, despite the noteworthy cast, but ultimately, the spirit of the story kept the production going. (I've read that several of the animation crew involved later went on to be part of the founding of Studio Ghibli. And if that name isn't familiar, I'd hasten you to seek Totoro, Whisper of the Heart, and Ponpoko)
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