February 27th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Wireless found in the Best Places

Squee! The Chapter, beside running as diverse a range of films from around the world (for me, tonight's may be the Norwegian/Swedish production "Kitchen Stories"), and offering a wide range of beers and lagers from around the EU, now hosts a local 802.11b repeater affiliated with the community project arwain.net - open, absolutely legitimate public wireless access!

Happy panda. ^_^

Where have all the forward-thinking candidates gone? Still, at least politicians can now save a lot of time and trouble by not merely failing to conceal their operations, but overtly promoting them as being in the best interests of their electorate. And therein lies the art of the PR master.. if anyone knows how to obtain a complete run of the superbly sharp comedy Absolute Power, I'd be a very happy bunny indeed. (It ran not long ago on BBC 2, starring Stephen Fry as head of a PR agency. The writing was well up to par - the way in which a (nominally fictional :) situation would be subtly massaged around into as positive a message for the paying party was so deliciously executed.. sadly, I've only seen two episodes, and there seem to be no avenues to the rest) Highly recommended, needless to say.

Ko Century Beast, quite an enjoyable furry anime series, is currently down to $33 for all three DVDs, from a list price of $75. Though that somewhat depends on when I'm able to post this.. ^_^

Beer for the day: Harviestoun's Bitter & Twisted. Available from some branches of Sainsbury in the UK, the bottle's blurb portrays it honestly: "Blond in colour, Bitter & Twisted has a superb hop profile, combining the aromatic Hallertau Hersbrücker with the spicy Challenger. It's finished by late hopping with Styrian Goldings, which gives a sharpness like a twist of lemon." It's somewhat reminiscent of Anchor Steam, but more by way of its maltiness - this is a much more pronouncedly hoppy a beer, but nonetheless balanced well.

Anime for the week is clearly Paranoia Agent, currently being broadcast on Japan's WOWOW. As of Feb 22, only two episodes have been released subtitled, by the AonE group. It opens with a slightly disturbing opening sequence, bracketed by a somewhat more unsettling counterpart at the end. The first episode centers on a small plushie (the sort found in crane machines) designer, who's randomly assaulted one night, by a boy wielding a bent baseball bat. The police officers involved are sympathetic and helpful, though not without designs of their own. A reporter very soon picks up the scent, and feeds her the information he's gathered, over a rather creepy round of ice cream. I'll refrain from saying more, as I've hopefully given you some idea of the nature of the show - it's not a light-hearted romp by any means, with ulterior motives and white lies around every corner. This is a particularly well-rooted anime, or so it portends. I've probably made it sound singularly unappealing, though - give it a try. I'd include some excerpts, but my connectivity renders that impractical.

BTW, I must urge you to sample the aforementioned "The Lion and the King". It's a superb guide to excellence in animated movies, in inverse form.

I really should reactivate my Sprint PCS account sometime. It's been idle for a couple years - unusually, for the time and place, it carries no subscription costs, as per their "Pioneer Plan", when they began rolling the service out, beginning with Qualcomm's home territory.

Ye gods.. this really is dire territory for a nethead. A couple sniffs of WLAN goodness in Blackwood, but all WEP "protected" (ie accessible with the application of some processor time, but that's uncivil), and not a proverbial sausage in Oakdale. Oh, for yon halcyon days of Ricochet.. still, Mouse is doing a fine job of sniffing these out, with the addition of Ocelot's AirPort card. (Which, without a working backlight, isn't awfully good at being a mobile system at present. I may have to delve into the inner workings, and see if I can replace the faulty wire(s).. not the most inviting of techie tasks, but I'd so enjoy having it portable again. Such an elegant system, and despite its seeming lack of power, performs its functions well, including MPEG-4 playback and compression, and GarageBand noodling)

Aha! Possible success - two open nodes, one in Blackwood, and one in Oakdale. [Though with the opening revelation, that's pretty much redundant now, yay!]

"Miss Marple had an hour to pass while changing trains and she went to the
refreshment room. She debated whether to have coffee or tea and decided to
have coffee because she liked tea better."
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