February 12th, 2004

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Not-actually-new furry anime

One for the canids: "Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin"

From AniDB: Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin (Silver Fang) is a tale about a little puppy dog who was born in the wilderness. He has silver striped and is destined to become the defender of people from perilous cave bears; which ironically, his father, Riki was killed by Akakaboto, the most dangerous cave bears. Silver then decides to seek revenge at any cost, even though he has to leave his best friend, Daisuki, to follow and search for more wild dogs in their fight to kill Akakaboto.

So, sort of a Godfather Bear? ^_^ The torrents can be found here. I've not seen it yet, so this shouldn't be taken as a seal of recommendation - but it seems to be an interesting older (1986) series, and furry. Although perhaps one of the best - imho - is also one of the least known: Siawase Apartment's Okojo-san, featuring a particularly cute ferret who's still essentially wild; this is not Hamtaro! (Nor, for that matter, Ebichu. ^_^;;)
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Porsupah smile by Djinni


By way of clawz_skunk, I must present one of the niftiest little Flash demos. (When I make my first billion, I want to stage an RL performance of this in the Palace of Fine Arts) Irritatingly, it seems to chain the actual Flash file from within a little stub, making it tricky to save the animation for offline viewing. Any ideas?

From the Silly Panther Tricks department: open a Terminal window, and type - without pressing Return yet - killall Dock. Have another window from any app sitting behind this, and shift-click on that background window's minimise button, to make it shrink into the Dock in slow motion. Then press Return to execute the "killall". (It's quite safe, and won't disrupt anything. It's just cute. Use cmd-W to close the window, if necessary)

Yes, it works with a playing movie too. ^_^

-- Edit: the actual 3MB Flash file can be downloaded here. Yay!
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Porsupah smile by Djinni

Out a-roamin'

First off, pointed out by rabitguy, an FC2004 pic for huskyteer. ^_^

Oh, it just feels so good to go wandering around, even if it's in as mundane a capacity as stocking up the larder, fridge, and freezer (always handy for pizza and such, but especially for foods down to a third of normal price, wanting to be popped straight into the cryogenics). It's perhaps difficult to convey just how much pleasure I can gain merely from a good wandering around.. somehow, being amidst the hustle of a busy town center (in this case, partially open to pedestrians only; plenty of multi-level parking for those desirous thereof. Not a badly planned locality, all in all, with easy access to everything by foot, bus, car, or train) recharges me. Perhaps not driving contributes to that - someone else gets to enjoy the courtesy and consideration of other road users. ^_^ (Actually not bad hereabouts, overall, despite the amount of traffic) The intellectual tickling by the current issue of New Scientist at the library helped, I dare say, covering a typically diverse set of topics as the proposed diversion of a long section of the rivers leading to the drying Aral Sea (but not tackling the wastage of water through the irrigation systems, where the water will end up - an estimated 60% is lost through unlined channels), to the linked effects of society and genetic diversity, indicating, for example, that early human spreading was mostly due to the spread of women, rather than men, to a factor of some eight times. It's speculated this was the outcome of patrilocal societies, with the women being encouraged or forced to marry further afield, rather than the other way around.

Not really any great finds, although I did go for a pair of chicken breasts stuffed with pork & apricot, down to half price, making them about the same as if plain. Some bacon and minced pork also at half price, plus some ground beef - a good spread, for a good price. The mango from last time is approaching ripeness, so that'll figure into.. hm. Something porky. Or chickeny. Hafta think on that - but I seldom plan food much in advance, preferring to dive into a dish as the mood takes me.

Ah! Newest addition to the viewing pile: Curse of the Doll People. "Like most of K. Gordon Murray's imports from Mexico, this film has great black & white photography, terrific creepy atmosphere, and hilariously bad English dubbing."

Also booked a passage into strange western territories, putting me in Gwent for a few weeks on Monday 25th. With luck, Mouse should be able to find a friendly WLAN, else my access may be a mite restricted, owing to Newport and Cardiff net.cafes' dislike for folks connecting their own laptops up to the network. :-P Also a superb opportunity to visit the Chapter a few more times (movies and beers from around the world!), but I've wittered on quite enough already.
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