February 11th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Of mice and pandas

Such a pity the last gig went bang a while back - not only was it an especially fun job (and we were profitable.. it's the company which bought us up which suffered problems, through their expansion on dot-com "money"), but I was pondering giving a home to a cat (possibly a Maine Coon, or just a moggy), dog (a larger one, having grown up around retrievers and such), rats, or probably some Doolittlian combination thereof, to prevent boredom from breaking out while I was away. ^_^

It had been proving a particularly unexciting day, and thus, I sought relief through chemical means (caffeine being of limited utility - too much, and I have to take a doze). And what's the most fun you can have in a kitchen? Capsaicin! (Well, there's peanut butter, but that's not so much to do with the cooking) Cue cream of chicken soup, garlic, tamarind paste, shrimp paste, oyster sauce, teaspoon of muscovado sugar, one green chilli, and four bird's eye peppers. Simmered that away for a little, adding a chopped chicken breast, and towards the end, a good handful of snowpeas and some ramen.

My. It was good. ^_^;; Of course, there is the Lucent Syndrome, but so it goes.

It just occurred to me that I might just be able to set up the roomie's rowing machine in my room. Even if that doesn't pan out, it ought to be entertaining finding out. Exercise would be so much more fun with someone else, such as long hikes, but knowing virtually nobody else in the area makes that somewhat of a moot point, to my regret.

Mmmm. A good, strong Cheddar and some crunchy pickled onions makes for such a perfect snack.. need to ask Dad for his recipe for pickling vinegar - his always turn out so puckeringly good. (These ones being just cheapy store-bought ones) And Jarlsberg is simply nice all by itself. I'd love to find some good aged goat's cheese again, though.. Whole Paycheck Markets sell/sold one such, and it was indeed very good. (Yes, it was bad for the bank balance that there was one opposite the old workplace..)

For some good ol' political thoughts, have a look at Bob the Angry Flower, a surreal, nifty strip, also featuring musings on the state of things, including Bush's plans for space exploration and ballistic defense systems, on the front page.
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