February 10th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni


Rummaging through the piles of cast-off postings from some of the folks I've bumped into here, I was reminded of Ricky, from ASB. Seeking to remind myself of the other's name on said shirt (sadly, long since out of print), I did what any geekfur would: a-googling! Hi ho the merry-o, googling into the sunset! (Best chanted along with accordion accompaniment)

Which turned up this shirt instead.

pant pant pant

I need a diversion. How about rotary engine fishtanks?
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Porsupah smile by Djinni

Around the net in 80 clicks

Spotted on my travels, a movie: "Lost In Translution"

Courtesy of foofers, tentacles. (Safe for work, save for the giveaway sniggering. I want to see balor wearing a t-shirt with that design. And ibneko)

Bit of a nuisance.. eBay apparently now requires one to be signed in, in order to view completed auctions. (I was idly wondering how much Ocelot might fetch - 400MHz TiBook with a bad backlight cable, so the LCD's only very occasionally viewable. Very tricky to fix. But, that'd only be pertinent if I had money to apply towards something nippier)

Chocolate rocks. (Thinking of which, what would the nutrition information label be like for the witch's house in Hansel and Gretel?)

Latest addition to the viewing queue: Man with a Movie Camera, from the Soviet Union in 1929.

For those in the UK but some distance away from London, it might be worth checking National Express for their current offer of £1 tickets (each way) to/from London, from several busier locations, and £9 for all other destinations. Presumably the catch is in whatever availability they wish to permit, but better than their usual prices.

And Mouse now has sound, yay! I noticed the speaker (in the singular, unfortunately - the first iBooks only had one, plus a normal stereo headphone socket) wire was disconnected, when performing the drive surgery recently. Handy for things like watching Powerpuff Girls episodes in the bath, where audio quality doesn't matter terribly much. (Unfortunately, I don't currently have a working pair of headphones, and I think I'll refrain from bringing the speakers in with me ^_^;;)
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