February 2nd, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni


Simply a quiet day, so you don't really need to read further. ^_^ The roomie left in the afternoon to see to his sister's PC (a homebrew affair), which was apparently spontaneously resetting on occasion. (Bandwidth, bandwidth, all mine! Muahahahaa!)

I was tempted towards more of the previous day's stir-fry (a bit of a misnomer, given I only ever use a tiny amount of sesame oil, if that, but I suppose "stir-rapid-boil" doesn't have the same ring) plus chicken, but pizza kept intruding.. eventually, I relented, and let a chicken breast marinate in a little "creole" (ie moderately hot, plus mustard) pepper sauce, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper. Sliced up, that went on to said pepperoni ciabatta pizza, plus a goodly amount of chopped basil, one crushed garlic clove, and some kalonji (black onion seeds). Suffice to say, it was good. ^_^ (Plus a side salad of romaine, rocket, a tomato, and half a baby avocado) And there's half of it waiting for another day..

Saw the first episode of Popolocrois, which looked moderately interesting, but not one for the top of the list, and ep. 7 of Papuwa, which continues to be as uniquely peculiar as ever. Well worth a look. Also set about seeding eps. 4-9 thereof, as those two torrents (three episodes each) had apparently run dry since their release.

I wonder if the Celts didn't have the right idea with regard to their rulers? Let them govern as they wished, then dispose of them at the end of their term. Surely not a bad way of deterring the eternal opportunism and revolving door syndrome we see in British and American administrations (and, I imagine, elsewhere). What a terrible pity it would be, were such rules to be suddenly imposed now.
(What would appropriate methods be? Perhaps something leaving their bodies in a condition to do something for the soil - if they wish to amass their fortunes by rotten means, they can return the favor by rotting means)
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Porsupah smile by Djinni

Packages and presentations

How's this for some serious DVD packaging?

And in OS X news, OmniWeb 5.0b1 was released. It's quite a major overhaul of the UI, including quite a slick scheme for tabbed browsing, "workspaces", RSS abilities, and many small tweaks, such as (optionally) presenting a dialogue on adding a bookmark, presenting a pulldown of your bookmark's hierarchy, to facilitate correct filing of the bookmark immediately.
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