January 31st, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni


Reminded by huskyteer that anime can indeed be a shared pleasure, I thought I'd post my humble collection of fansubs (and some DVDs!). Collapse )

I was tickled to receive a genuine response from a potential employer this morning, too. I doubt anything'll come of it, but I'll certainly give it a shot - seems like they want a simple code sample, so I'll offer a couple solutions to the simple situation described, and see if they take the bait, so to speak. ^_^ Would be a fun position, too, working on mobile wireless shiny gadgets, with very restrictive (well, compared to desktops and laptops) hardware - ideal for someone who really enjoys code efficiency. Not quite sure where it'd be, but the posting hints at the peninsula, which'd be fine by me. ^_^

And I've just discovered that the previously mentioned Lemon Jelly video is indeed still available from the production company responsible as a downloadable movie, just seemingly not linked from anywhere. It's a 15MB download, and well worth it. ^_^
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