January 30th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni

On pleasant days

Not really one for the record books, but a very pleasant day, and I'm all for more of those.

It began very nicely, with an uncommonly good sleep, even for a red panda - almost twelve hours. ^_^ Then, working out when to head into town, as I needed to pick up some groceries, and drop off the aforementioned DVDs at the library. (Support yours! They provide a superb service, and librarians seem to be amongst the few organised bodies actively defending freedom of speech and universal access to information)

In concordance with my style of laissez-faire planning, I then promptly forgot about the DVDs until just before they were closing. Time to call the taxi! And I got to drop them off in time, with about four minutes to spare. Yay! I love it when things simply fall into place.. never seems right to force things to happen; I'd much rather just guide, and work with the outcome. The Tao of Planning?

The tri-supermarket tour yielded much yumptiousness, despite the rather tight budget, including some especially good ciabatta base pizze, lemongrass, fresh tarragon, green and bird's eye chillis, pepper, creole pepper sauce, oyster sauce, baby cabbage, stir-fry vegetable mixes (at a quarter of normal price), snowpeas, and a variety of meats and gorgeous beers, including Alaskan Brewing's smoked porter, Honker Island's IPA (Chicago), Cooper's Sparkling Ale (Oz.. ahh, have to return there), Aventus double bock (Germany), and more.

I'm now quite well set for some good culinary adventures. You have been warned. ^_^

I decided against more DVDs from the library for now, given the backlog of anime and suchlike I'm already presented with.. gods know, there's fansubs I've not even watched since their release a year ago. ^_^ And then there's Tom Holt's "Only Human" and Stanislaw Lem's "Solaris" from the library to finish, and the Pimsleur first level courses in a couple languages to get into..

Oh, on a geeky note, I thought this article pointing out the forthcoming "Gumstix" embedded SBCs was noteworthy.. wonder what price they'll come in at? Could be fun to play with.

And regarding my previous posting on Boundin', it does indeed appear Pixar arranged for a few special screenings in LA, in order to qualify for Oscar nomination this time around; apparently, it's not an uncommon tactic for animators, although Pixar probably has less general need for it. ^_^ It remains to be seen who they'll court, now they've canned future talks with Disney, though Warner seem interested - but given their inept abrogation of their own animation, I'd be very wary of such a move. (Did Roy Disney and others' sentiments on the running of the company figure into it, I wonder?)
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