January 28th, 2004

Porsupah smile by Djinni


Well, that and the fact it's snowing, yay! And not just the delicate dusting that I understand is typical for about one day a year, but a genuine falling of snow. ^_^

A moderately insightful piece about a visit from a senior FBI figure talking to a class regarding computer security, and the many scams popular now, including "Make Money! Work From Home!" - which apparently can sometimes be acting as a middleman, receiving tech goodies ordered using stolen cards, then shipped over to Eastern European countries, avoiding problems with some vendors refusing (for these kinds of reasons) to deliver outside the US.

Courtesy of sockscatt, some extremely cute furry photos. You have been warned.

ObDinner: quickie time. Half a can of cream of chicken soup, garlic, mild chilli, cilantro, basil, miso paste, some spinach, and a sliced pork escalope, simmered for a bit. Then a packet of ramen (leaving the seasoning packet for another time) and a pile of chopped broccoli, left to cook through. The noodles wound up doing a good job of absorbing much of the sauce, leaving it easily eaten with chopsticks.
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