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As I passed a streetlight on the way back up the hill last night, it turned off, along with a few others on the same side. This isn't the first time, either.

And I thought the phrase "turn the lights off after you" was only meant to apply indoors..
W00tjes! I let the Panther installer do its thing, let it apply the 10.3.2 and QuickTime 6.5 updates, copied over the DivX and 3ivX plugins (thereby giving me the QuickTime Player, VLC, and Mplayer as options for just about any media file aside from WMV9 and RealOne), and everything is purring along, including the David Lynch "Rabbits" series.

Also just watched LJ's new "publishing commercial, downloadable as a 6MB MPEG-2 file here. Brief, cleanly edited, elegant.

Finally got to see a few Shazna music videos, albeit in RealOne form. Yay!

Not really sure yet what's happening on New Year's Eve, though I hear rumblings from the roomie (currently afflicted with the plague) that we may be headed off to some nearby friends. Ah, would that the budget (ahem) permitted for a nice bottle of Moet et Chandon "White Star".. but I've noticed some Rosemount methode champegnoise at a good price, which might work just as well - their other wines tend to be very reliable, so it might be worth a shot. Or there might be some Archer's UXB left on cask at the nearby wineseller. Wonder what the Magnolia Cafe's doing for the occasion? Mmmm, Proving Ground Pale..
Thinking the roomie's washer/drier wasn't drying that well, I opted to see about cleaning the (presumably present) lint filter. And there it was, beneath a flap, and unscrewed easily. Pulled it out, and.. well.. it's about eight inches long, slightly flattened circular cross-section, curving around somewhat, tapering off towards the end to a blunt tip.

Oh, and there were two tiny spherical BB pellets inside as well.

Usually, lint filter cleaning doesn't make me giggle out loud.