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If you saw Lost in Translation, you'll recall one scene where they're making a TV advert; the director's giving instructions in Japanese, translated comically briefly into English. Here's the actual translation. ^_^

Of course, sometimes, actual meanings can be wilfully discarded, as Pharyngula noted in one example from the fine people of the Telegraph. The original press release from the University of Leicester's title - "Promiscuous men more likely to rape". The title and opener from the paper's article - "Women who dress provocatively more likely to be raped, claim scientists Women who drink alcohol, wear short skirts and are outgoing are more likely to be raped, claim scientists at the University of Leicester." ("The Telegraph title is factually wrong, they found no statistically significant result corresponding to that claim.")

So.. Torchwood. Still as ham-packed as ever, and sadly, still with as much science in "science fiction" to be aware that electricity can make things bright. But this season was a far weightier affair, and with some remarkable performances.. distressingly good, at times. I never thought I'd cry for a civil servant..

Over on furryravers, ice_foxx released a rather good mix of some of his work. Give it a try. ^_^ It's all under a CC NC-BY-ND license, and high quality versions can be picked up from Lulu, giving you 320k MP3s and FLACs. (I'd have to admit, Lulu's music purchasing system is rather clunky, especially compared to the iTunes Store, but it does work)

Yay! Noise.io Pro finally saw its 1.4 update released, for proper iPhone OS 3.0 compatibility. It's a surprisingly well-featured synth, and easy to get started with. Comparatively expensive, at $9, but easily worth it - and there's a cut-down edition for 99¢, if you're uncertain.

One of the most hideous games you'll see anywhere: EnviroBear 2010. "Who is driving that car? Oh my God, a Bear is Driving! How can that Be?! How to play: Grab stuff with your finger. Eat Fish and Berries. When you are FAT enough, drive into a cave to Hibernate. You can throw stuff out the windows and sunroof!" "It's fantastically manic and unapologetically absurd, and any would-be quibbles about the touchiness of its vehicular controls are instantly headed-off and negated by the bare fact that bears don't know how to drive cars."

funos linked to a website maintained by one Chuck Moore, including a frustratingly tantalising page on his S40 CPU, with 40 cores, each capable of 700 MIPS. The company's effectively terminated development of it, unfortunately, putting its future into limbo.

Duke Nukem 3D (not Forever, unfortunately) is on its way to the iPhone. =:D

avon_deer pointed out just how easy it is to be a criminal in the UK, if you insult or photograph a police officer, fail to provide your name and address, or if an officer "anticipates you may turn violent". "Section 44 of the Terrorism Act of 2000 goes even further, offering police sweeping powers to designate stop and search areas in which they can search anyone, anywhere at anytime without any grounds or suspicion. All of Greater London is now deemed to be a designated stop and search area." The issue was the subject of Panorama, on July 6. (And in a somewhat lighter hearted spirit, apparently it's risky to have a sense of humor, too: 'A shop owner has said he was threatened with prosecution after displaying joke billboards at his store in Horsham. John O'Sullivan, who owns the Candy Box, put up spoof news headlines outside his store for 10 weeks in an attempt to entertain his customers. The spoof headlines included "Crawley Girl Gives Birth to Pitbull" and "Local Youths Abduct UFO"')

Compo for Canucks: Air Canada will choose the best photos you take, from a number of destinations, including Halifax, Vancouver, London, and San Francisco, with the top winner receiving a pair of tickets to any of the airline's destinations in Canada and the continental US.

steffo42 received quite the perfect fortune cookie on the first day of Anthrocon..

Wow.. AC apparently had 640 fursuiters in the big parade. That's a lot. ^_^ Gods, ConFurence only peaked at about 1000 total attendees! And FC2010 just announced its GoHs: the quite inimitable Ursula Vernon (ursulav), and Michael Fry and T. Lewis, creators of "Over the
Hedge". Do they really know what they're getting themselves into? =:D

Not animated, regrettably, but this series of four print ads for Ben & Jerry's are a quite superbly trippy set of 60s-inspired designs. Given they ran in Singapore, though, they also have some kawaii influences too.. =:D

Ooh! Thunderbirds is out on Blu-Ray. =:D 16:9 cropped, which seems like an odd decision, but the quality does look remarkably good.I posed the query before, but with little response - does anyone have suggestions for where to find good furry shirts? Is it just a matter of having to check out each con's site and see what they have available? (I have a few from Rabbit Valley, including the lovely Coyote River design, but that's almost all of my shirt rotation, plus a Sam & Max one from Telltale) I'd especially like any with a lapine theme, or something musical/rave in tone.
I remember learning some version of C in a microcontrollers class once. I don't remember right away where I put the books, but I dug out the box and it says it's a "CCS PIC16F877A Development Kit".

Been meaning to learn Common LISP sometime, I hear it's a pretty good language. (Although apparently there is no "LISP for Dummies" book for some reason. Which is somewhat odd, because they even make a "COBOL for Dummies" book - I actually own the book somehow, although I'll probably never actually try to learn any COBOL.)
Ah, the venerable PIC family! I've not played with them, though the coworker's in quite close with Microchip - gets the odd freebie and pre-release goodie. =:) They've always taken a very positive attitude towards hobbyist development, which I strongly approve of - that sort of tinkering mentality can always do with encouragement and the lowering of barriers.

Their range is relatively low-end, AIUI, compared to ARM devices, which can still spank anything Intel can offer - it's not for nothing they're in so many devices now. ^_^ But for plenty of applications, it hardly matters whether the clock's hundreds of MHz, or hundreds of kHz, just as long as it's a programmable device, sometimes with as much I/O as can be crammed into the package available. steffo42's played a good deal with PICs, and ISTR tilton and foofers are acquainted with Arduino too.. ^_^

Hm. Maybe we can do with a furry hardware hackers LJ community..