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Just a quick note for anyone within Southern Railway's service area (London, Brighton, Eastbourne, Ashford, et al), they're running a one-day sale, today only, for advance tickets for travel in July and August. The discount? 90%. I just booked my tickets for the Great British Beer Festival for 50p each way. =:D You do need to select specific departures, but for that kind of price, not such a terrible inconvenience. ^_^

There's also a limit of two purchases, so if you're looking to stock up on weekend travel, have some friends' cards handy. =:)
A 90% discount? Wow, that's amazing. (On the other hand, it also shows that the train company can still make money even when giving you 90% off... but still charges you the full price, usually.)
Well, in this case, I'd actually be surprised if they're even covering their costs - even wages and site overhead, or just the debit card fee, probably means they're actually running this as more of a publicity matter, perhaps getting people to consider using their network rather than driving. Not a bad idea, certainly - their trains are comfortable, quiet, and punctual. (No seatback power, though, or WiFi, which would be rather spiffy)

Very, very nice price, definitely. ^_^ A little nuisance, having to specify the times of both legs, but I know about when I'd like to get to the Festival, and if I really want to catch an earlier departure back, I'm only wasting a 50p ticket, though with the iPhone at paw, I'm sure I can keep myself occupied if I'm at a loose end. =:)
Mmmm. OK, maybe this case is different (I didn't read the "50p each way" part), but generally speaking...
I can't get these to work on the Southern site's ticket section. It probably doesn't help that it will allow me to specify 'First Capital Connect' trains only, but not only Southern ones!?
Ah, that's better... I can see them now. You need to be very picky with what stations you're asking about and checking them against the network's map.
Ahh, I suppose that makes sense, though one might expect the site to be aware of the network's boundaries, and offer to curtail the journey to just that segment they can supply, or ideally, seamlessly merge in another operator's ticket, whilst noting the fare isn't as low as might be expected, for that reason.

A little surprising to see the site doesn't handle cookie rejection well - it'll let you perform the search, but the results page merely remains unpopulated. Overall, though, pretty good - I like the option to see a fare matrix based on the available departures both ways.
There's also a limit of two purchases, so if you're looking to stock up on weekend travel, have some friends' cards handy. =:)

And if anyone does that, be careful! It's increasingly common for ticket inspectors in such circumstances to require you produce the actual card you used to make the booking. If you can't produce it, you're in trouble.
Really? Wow! Still, I suppose with that kind of discount, they'll rightfully be wanting to ensure you didn't try pulling a fast one.

Now, if we could only see these kinds of prices a little more often.. !

I'm not absolutely sure about that limit, either - I've got email confirmation of the first booking I made, but not the second, and I didn't save either confirmation screen, trusting in their systems.. *cough* Still, it's this one I'm particularly wanting - getting to the Festival for £1 is a perfectly acceptable offer. ^_^

Are any other companies offering similar deals today? Doesn't seem to be the case with First Great Western, unfortunately, which would've helped in visiting my father.
Not with flexible tickets, of course, but with the heavily-discounted stuff there's often a clause in the T&C mentioning that you need to bring the card with you, and you often need it to pick up prebooked tickets from a booking office or machine.

Are any other companies offering similar deals today?

Don't think so: it's a startlingly big discount, which usually means a very unusual one! The last I actually managed to get myself was FGW's "£5 off any ticket over £6" promotion a few months ago.
Don't stop at Earl's Court- press on to Germany, where the real beer and Eurofurence is!
I could use another familiar face. :D
There'll be some Germans at the GBBF, but there's such a fantastic wealth of choice to be found in all of British beer, from elderflower-inspired pale ales through to hearty barleywines. I need to tempt you along. =:)
For Britain? The spirit is already willing!

But the bank account is spongy, and badly bruised.
I think you should be banned from using that icon. Every time you use it, I end up frozen, staring at it long periods, unable to do much else except stare.

And dream.