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Festive Cheer

Christmas Eve turned out to be more fun than I'd expected, assisted by a surprisingly early deposit (of a very minor nature, but non-zero. This is good!) in the account, which permitted me to pick up a present for the roomie. (My cunning plan? Let the item be chosen, then step forward to pay for it. Worked beautifully, resulting in a good kitchen knife)

That led to me being given something I'd been wanting to pick up for a while - a 0.5mm mechanical pencil, some H leads, and a 0.3mm tech pen. So now I have no excuse not to try drawing again - but never underestimate the power of panda procrastination! It'll be fun to try, at least, even if I probably won't be thrilled with the results.

We then wandered around the still-open supermarket to pick up some snackybits, beer, and wine. (I went for an intriguing South African zinfandel, which didn't disappoint, when we tried it later that evening) And the beer did include the incomparable Westvleteren No.12. I certainly wouldn't disagree with its ranking there. Peerless.

A little later on in the evening, back home, we settled on some perfect viewing: my first time seeing Singing in the Rain.. ye gods, Gene Kelly really could move. (Which also reminded me just how good a picture Cats Don't Dance was, whose choreography was principally created by the same. Sadly, my (legitimate!) VCD copy went missing a few months ago, leaving me unable to watch it. Le sigh)

Then we decided on pizza for dinner, so I whipped out a ham & mushroom from the freezer, and proceeded to.. operate. ^_^ A good handful of chopped basil, some rosemary, two cloves of garlic, a sliced cumberland sausage of particularly good quality, a couple finely sliced mushrooms, a small pile of spinach, and a few sliced vine-ripened tomatoes, left to cook gently for half an hour. The roomie seemed happy. ^_^

So, nothing of great revelation - but a happy way to spend a day.
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