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I'm not given to reporting on celebrity deaths, but, that's what TMZ is saying: "Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back." Other sites haven't yet confirmed his demise, only that he was found not breathing - and that's not a survivable condition for more than a few minutes at best.

*sigh* A great talent, and responsible for some truly classic music videos, notably Thriller, and one of the first, and still amongst the best, uses of morphing, in Black Or White.

Edit: confirmation now appears to be in progress, eg: MSNBC, USA Today, CBS.
A great shock as he was such an icon from my childhood.
Indeed. There are many celebrities - now, as always - many of them quite ephemeral; stars are far fewer. Still, for every great talent that passes away, there's another yet to come to the fore.
Even if I didn't follow his music much since Bad.. he was a big icon from my childhood/pre-teen years too...
*sighs* quite shocking news...
He was huge globally, ne? You'd probably have to go somewhere like rural North Korea to find lack of awareness of the guy, and maybe not even there. =:)

And of course, "Bad" gave rise to Weird Al's "Fat".. ^_^
Work basically ground to a complete halt at my office when news of this started trickling out. The quest for "confirmation" started turning into an all-out arms race, with folks hitting every conceivable "reputable" news site, tuning into their Slingboxes at home...

I guess personally I'm not sure what to think. He was a genuine talent in his youth, but ended up going so, well, nuts, in his later years. He undoubtedly will live on as a legend on the same scale as Elvis Presley... Perhaps down to rumors that he faked his own death?
Yeah, that's just too bad. I understand he was planning a tour. If he hit someplace near I was going to attend. True, it's a bit like going to a Fat Elvis concert in Vegas, but I did like his music.
I think it's the "suddenness" of it, yeah he's been looking like a zombie lately, but you'd think he was ok? Then, wham. a meteorite style death.

Hmm, may have to make a keyboard t-shirt for Sunday's comp in hizzonor