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Every time I go out on a photography mission in SL, I wind up loving every minute of it. ^_^ There's just something about the challenge of finding just the right places, the angles, the lighting.. so many possibilities, a few of which will strike me just the right way, once I've zoomed in a little, around a bit, focus on a different part of the scene, adjusted the lighting.. so many possibilities, so many ways to mess up, and so much wonder to be found. As in life in general, ne?

And if you've got a couple minutes spare for a good SL music video, try this out: I Will Find You. Broodily romantic, befitting the Clannad soundtrack, with cloudy skies and sheep over the hillside, it's a simple tale, elegantly portrayed.
*chuckles* That'd be interesting... how'd you do that, though? (Hmm, I probably should look into how to create animations etc. for SL some time...)

If you do find a preference like that, do let me know! (I'll do the same if I come across it.)