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My latest coffee order just arrived. So many wonderful beans. ^_^ (Well, pre-ground to "home espresso" size - but it'll all get used up within around four to six weeks)

Snowshoe hare, for the caffeination of.
Well, that too would result in hand roasting. =:)

Supposedly, it's pretty easy - just a matter of finding somewhere with the "raw" beans, and giving them just the right heat for the right amount of time. I may give that a shot sometime, just for the fun of it - there's almost nothing you can't buy on the web, after all, radioactive isotopes included. =:)

I wonder what the flavor would be like, if one were to scan a CO2 laser over the beans. Seems you'd be able to control the depth of roasting quite accurately, though whether that'd actually be desirable, I've no idea - given unroasted coffee isn't very popular, I can only conclude it's not too good in its natural state. Come to that, I wonder what raw cacao beans are like..
No idea, but I'm sure "interesting" would be an apt description no matter what. :)

Of course, as for myself, I was mostly curious to which extent "giving them the right amount of heat for the right time" actually qualifies as hand-roasting. :)