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My latest coffee order just arrived. So many wonderful beans. ^_^ (Well, pre-ground to "home espresso" size - but it'll all get used up within around four to six weeks)

Snowshoe hare, for the caffeination of.
Ahhh, but was it good coffee? ^_^ (Although, I suppose there's much to be said for quantity too, depending on the state of caffeination, or lack thereof)
Eh, it was okay coffee. The highest level of coffee making equipment I have is a Senseo, and I the coffee had gone a little stale, so it was adulterated with vanilla nutmeg and cinnamon.

I need to find a good supply of 62mm fair trade and nice tasting coffee pods.
Oh, no worries about the equipment - it's just a cheapie drip machine in the salt mine, and an old teapot back in the warren. ^_^

Still wish the owners had left their espresso maker, though.. that was a serious bit of kit. It'd grind, brew, and dispose all automatically - just put the cup in position, and press the button. Seemed to work very well, albeit judging only by the cup I had while meeting with them to assess my suitability for the tenancy.

Is there such a thing as an after-market refillable pod? I suppose that's a bit against the principle, but then you're free to use whatever coffee you like, rather than being confined to whatever's available in that format. It'd save having to buy a new machine - but then, those can be cheap, even if quite basic. The espresso maker here is another Cookworks dirt cheap affair - plain steam pressure-powered device, but still, it does quite an acceptable job. =:9 Should prolly pick one up for the warren as well, plus - if I can find a source - some nice syrups. I was always fond of a good quad shot mocha (often using Sumatran beans) with caramel syrup to start the day, back at Terran. ^_^
People made 'make your own pods' and reusable holders, but they all suffered the same flaw that they couldn't contain the grinds perfectly. And get one grind stuck in the little hole in the Senseo's pod holder, and the machine will over-pressure and lock up.