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My latest coffee order just arrived. So many wonderful beans. ^_^ (Well, pre-ground to "home espresso" size - but it'll all get used up within around four to six weeks)

Snowshoe hare, for the caffeination of.
... are you adopting, by any chance? I'm increasingly small and take up little space, and would hardly increase your daily order by much.

Oh.. that's a weekly order, then? Well.. perhaps you'd have to order a few m...

... more than biweekly...

..hmm. Ok, perhaps that wouldn't work out. Still! Nice box. :D
Why, indeed - there's plenty of space in the warren. ^_^ And you do recall those photos of the kitchen, ne? Space to experiment! A veritable culinary playground, with unexploded chilis to protect it from the unwary. Or the unwary from it.

And then there's the chocolate in the fridge..