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Iran continues green

We were warned with great seriousness not get in involved with any form of protest today. We were told that various forms of security would be there to greet us and be very heavy handed, maybe using live ammunition again. We were told that a rally had been organised gathering pro-Ahmadinejad supporters who would protest the destructive rioting by the Mousavi supporters. We were told to stay calm and wait by Mousavi. But still we came out and in great numbers.

My frustration was that if we wait for the time to be right, it will never come and be less likely to be able to come.

From Valiasr to Vanak, to Parkway and on to Tajrish the roads were filled with people showing peace signs and marching in silence. "Your hands are your slogan", said those with fingers on their lips, occasionally hushing the crowd. This is a method by which to avoid the description of a protest and yesterday at Azadi (Freedom) Square, this proved very successful - bar the 7-deaths among what is reported to be a million or so people.

It was an incredible feeling seeing a sea of people and hearing only a quiet hum of voices. The understanding and cooperation among the people was unusual from my experience of this place, but things went very smoothly and the little security seen was out of the way and only observing.

I myself wanted to make my way to IRIB, also known as Sedaye Sima, a place on route. This is the national broadcasting house where the results were announced to the nation. I've heard they have their own private security, which worried me at first, but upon arrival they we not visibly present. Outside this location we sat down; we kind of had no choice as the entire remaining road to Tajrish was filled. Occasional cheers and whistle came but most of the participant hushed things down again.

Upon arriving back to Vanak where I hoped to get a taxi out of town, the rally against the supposed rioting, those supporting Ahmadinejad, arrived. The took the Square and started chanting religious slogans. Those whom I was following were quick to reroute the crowd out of the way, yet as I left the Square I feared that with sunset the attacks would begin.

From what I can gather, the authorities are trying to clamp down on communications, and aren't overly keen on news spreading around, including curtailing foreign journalists' activities, let alone Iranians with cameras.

Another source of good quality photos from the recent days: the Boston Globe.

'According to the Cyrus News Agency, Tuesday morning 16 senior members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were arrested. "These commanders have been in contact with members of the Iranian army to join the people's movement," CNA reports. "Three of the commanders are veterans of Iran-Iraq war. They have been moved to an undisclosed location in East Tehran."'

The Guardian Council has agreed to a recount, but: "IranElection09BBC says there will be a recount recount of what? ballot boxes were BURNED!!! #iranelection" Mousavi rejects the notion, calling instead for a fresh election.

Sega of America president and CEO quits, and joins Ng:moco: '"I've been in the video game business for a very long 22 years, and I've pretty much worked in big, established companies that whole time since the beginning," Jeffery tells Gamasutra. And he says he's excited to see a "polarization" in the industry, an alternative to the hit-driven blockbuster model. "People have stopped talking about the $25 million games, and we're talking about the $25,000 games," he says. "That shift in gaming has happened remarkably quickly, and I really want to be part of that. In a very, very short period of time, [Ngmoco has] built a nascent organization into something that's emerging as a potential leader in the gaming space on the iPhone.'

A rather spiffy new stamp issue from the Royal Mail: Fantasy Creatures, by Dave McKean. (Pity he didn't slip the Monty Python illo of God in as well =:)

And I should like to note that mashing anchovies into even the lousiest Caesar dressing positively transforms it. =:9 (I never could stand the things, until I tried the Cappricciosa pizza from a pizza joint in Milson's Point, in the north of Sydney: strong pepperoni, anchovies, and capers, with a good, tart tomato sauce. (If you're in the area, and need good beer, try the Lord Nelson, over in The Rocks. Very good house-brewed ales, though - as is compulsory in the country - served near freezing point. Nitrogen's, that is)

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