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More photos from Monday:

!!! :)
It's seriously impressive. ^_^ Estimates are all over the place, but MSNBC's apparently reporting around 5 miles or longer, with somewhere in the vicinity of 1,000,000 people. I imagine the Guards could make the streets run with blood, but the they'd surely be sealing their own fate in the process.
It's impossible to really know the mood of all concerned but it looks like and one can hope for a quiet calm solidarity and simple insistence on what is right, what will happen.
Man, that is beautiful.

Here's hoping for as peaceful a change as possible, so long as it's effective.

Indeed.. that's a huge number of people, and that's only one (if an important one) city. I doubt anyone knows what's going to happen next, but yes, the possibility of real reform does seem a hell of a lot more likely now than a week ago, even allowing for all the quiet background deals being brokered.

It's an inspiring sight, though; these are scenes from which the whole world can draw strength, and hopefully, they, in turn, from us.
Reminds me a lot of East Germany in the weeks before the Wall came down - the huge demos in places like Leipzig. It would be nice to think they could have a similar result in Iran...
I was lucky to be in Berlin for a few days around that time, middle of December actually. My best memory was of these two guards on the other side of the wall, kids really, couldn't have been 18 yet. They had rifles of course, we chatted a bit through this hole someone had chiseled in the wall, and then we lobbed snowballs at each other from across the wall. Magic really.
Tremendous! The nearest I got was seeing the DDR border in existence around Easter 1989, though out in the country somewhere rather than in Berlin. Not a sight I'll forget easily, even so.
It's a strange sensation, looking back on moments like that, knowing now what was soon to come.. I toured around Yugoslavia (mostly just Slovenia - the Julian Alps are every bit as spectacular as their Swiss cousins, but a little more affordable, at least then) and Hungary around that time. Both countries were, of course, quite on the liberal side of the Warsaw Pact countries, but still, I wish I'd had a camcorder then, or even just a good camera.
I'm both inspired by these images, and terrified. Other commenters have spoken of Berlin in 1989, but huge masses of people assembled in the name of democracy at Tienanmen Square that year, as well, and all hope there was utterly and bloodily crushed. It could yet go either way in Iran this time around. I do wish for a just and happy outcome, but the violent history and regressive ideologies that have plagued that region for countless generations makes me less than optimistic that right will win the day here.