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So.. is it worth shelling out for a copy of the Watership Down TV series? There seems to be a dearth of previews available, and they've not deigned fit to offer it via the iTunes Store, leaving just that clumsy physical medium, which isn't something I prefer. (Why would I want to pay for the manufacture of DVDs, and their evironmental impact, when all I'll do is rip them and stuff the discs away, just as I'd do with a CD?)

Iran, Monday: banned rally with "hundreds of thousands" of protestors, riot police standing down; however, the BBC reports some gunfire. Khamanei is apparently requesting (or permitting?) an inquiry into the results. And Sunday's events.

Juan Cole on possible evidence of electoral fraud.

More photos here, here, and here.

Quite a good little tour of the Doctor Who Experience in Second Life, including recreations of key settings, like the Torchwood and the Millennium Stadium, and a museum including all the various Tardis consoles - impressively complete! - from over the years. You can find it all in the Katrina sim, with seasonal gatherings arranged for Aug 1 2009, Nov 21 2009, Feb 27 2010, and May 15 2010.

Via Kyootfox, Buster's Journey, the weblog of a leveret, discovered abandoned, and unsuitable for release back into the wild. Much adorableness to see. ^_^

This event in Chestnut's Choices caught my eye:
Tuesday June 16

3:30PM - Thinkers: The 5th Revolution

Occasionally, scientific discoveries shake up our worldview. Examples include the Copernican revolution that radically changed conceptions of our place in the universe, and Darwin's theory which upset beliefs regarding how we stand in relation to the animal kingdom. Now, some scientists believe a 5th such revolution is approaching, and the trigger for this change is neuroscience. Are we on the verge of another upset to our worldview? Come and discuss with Extropia. All welcome.

The Bunny is Back. =:D
An inquiry into the results? What results. From all accounts they didn't even bother counting, just tossed some numbers on the board. Expect level 4 shit-storm.
Quite so - the "results" were rather implausibly rapid in being announced, and contrary to the three day verification delay. Feels more like a tactic to defuse the opposition just enough to keep real trouble from exploding, but probably a futile move - it looks like this train's rolling. But, we'll see what level of violence emerges - if the armed forces (on the ground, not the commanders) were to remain neutral, that'd obviously change the situation entirely, but I suppose that's just very wishful thinking.

(Good to see the mass media's finally woken up to the situation. Even the BBC had barely covered it at all, just earlier today claiming "hundreds" of supporters rallying..)

One wonders what Rafsanjani's up to, as well - he's got considerable political clout, which one would imagine will come with a price, if he's indeed allying himself with Mousavi.
As usual, good news from The Telegraph.
Guess some people didn't get the memo. =:D
Andrew Sullivan is doing an amazing job with up-to-the-minute coverage of the Iranian protests.
I admit, I've not previously checked his place out lately, though he's certainly been linked from dKos and elsewhere quite a few times. Looks like another to add to the roster, to keep abreast of the situation, insofar as anyone really can. There does seem to be rather too much momentum for Khamanei to simply be able to quell the dissent with calls for an inquiry.. !
I like physical DVDs. They're a backup and resaleable... which translates as I can find lots of them for £2.
So.. is it worth shelling out for a copy of the Watership Down TV series?

This is really one for the likes of enteirah who actually know something about it... but it's probably worth it if you're curious and it isn't a fortune. I used to hate the thing with a passion for the way it mucked about with the stories, but have mellowed somewhat since, though I defy you not to want to throw things at the telly when Hannah the Mouse is around.

The Iranian situation is intensely interesting. The ITV news tonight gave the impression that significant disturbances were continuing despite the apparent shooting dead of at least one demonstrator, but the BBC news seemed to suggest that the authorities' use of force had probably changed things significantly. As the BBC report was from John Simpson, who was in Tehran in 1979 and wrote an excellent book about the country in the 1980s (Behind Iranian Lines) I'd be inclined to go with him for now.
Wild Boar and Apple sausages with home-made potato salad

Someday, somehow, I shall present you with a package thereof. ^_^ They're damn good. Their other varieties are very tasty, like the Beef and Ale, made with a good local brew, but the boar just ring with me.
If you wanna see some awesome Dr. Who stuff you need to IM Cobalt Neutra on Second Life. He's Cobalt who makes the comics with the Foozles, you're probably familiar with him. He's also a big Dr. Who fan and made an extremely functional TARDIS that actually has a mobile entrance/exit point, so that it seems to move around.
Hee! Yep, I've known of Cobalt's work for quite a while. =:) Apparently, he actually did some of the work on that museum!

Would be neat if SL sims could support things like warp points, so walking into a given rectangle was just like a sim crossing. I should suggest that.. I'm sure they'd love me for it. =:) More spatial dimensions than three could be fun, too.. ^_^
In the old days we did that with something we called Physics Teleporters. They gave you a 'push' with enormous force such that you would seem to arrive at your destination instantly, and a double-thick (or more) prim to stop you at the other end. You could set up a llPushObject() command to activate when you entered a detection prim.

Hardly anything is physics-based on SL anymore. If you're not familiar with double-thick prims, it's possible for an object with sufficient energy to pass through solid walls made of a single prim, but if you have two prims intersecting, or one prim inside of another prim, physical objects can't 'break through' them.

There are other ways to pass through walls besides sitting on a cube and moving it non-physically through walls. ;)
Oh! Re: Watership Down. I've never read the books, and I enjoyed the animated Watership Down show. If you want cool shows with talking animals, though, you should get the three seasons of Redwall they did.
If you can get hold of the boxset for the whole series for WD for a reasonable price then go for it, as it includes the venerable third series that was never broadcast UK side (it's also technically the only clean UK release of one of the series 2 episodes). It's an old release now, so a lot of places seem to discount it quite heavily to clear it. =:P

As for an iTunes release, don't hold your breath on that one as it's never been a big enough seller. It took long enough just to get a full DVD release (and most of us still don't know how it *ever* made it to that release).
Now that's an interesting kind of cock-up! Wonder how that happened..

Indeed, Play have had the whole set for £25 for a while, and now, that's ferpectly easily affordable. It's an odd look they've given to the running rabbits, but then, I suppose showing rabbit movement accurately wouldn't work well either, given lapines either do mini-hops to just move around, or what we'd consider actual running - and as the TZ5 sees every day, a rabbit in motion is very much in motion. =:) (So frustrating, when I wind up with shots that would be very good, except for the fatal flaw of being too slow. It tends to wind up around 1/100-1/200th s in normal daylight, but to catch a running rabbit mid-hop, you need at least 1/500th, or even 1/1000th, and that's something I can barely usefully manage in strong sunlight, on full zoom)

I'd have thought getting a release up on the iTunes Store would be simpler than a DVD release - no capital required to get the packaging made (often more expensive than the media!), or the discs pressed, and no hassles with distributing them and then waiting forever for an invoice to be paid. Certainly, it's straightforward enough for a label to get music up on there - I suppose it all depends on the rights owner giving a damn. =:P
I really liked the WD TV series, although its nowhere near the book or the old movie. So I'd also recomemnd for the series itself.
As for the DVD release.. even me who loves having the physical media, didn't like much the way they released it: spread over 10 single-layer discs and housed in normal dvd cases. That thing takes too much shelf place! :3
But if you can find it cheap... I've seen it as low as 14.99 once in a easter sale on play.com.