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Reports are probably unreliable, but indicate that telephone communications have been cut, Mousavi is under house arrest, Ayatollahs call for the results to be voided, and Rafsanjani has resigned.

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I dunno? I wish we had BBC here in the US? Honestly, if I could pay to get BBC1-4 and World News, I'd pay serious money to get it, just for the commercials!

Although, that fecking frog would still make my blood boil...
True, the BBC does turn out a seriously impressive amount of work, from original journalism (sometimes even including dogged investigative journalism, and reporters in far-flung corners, not necessarily in the news highlights), through comedy and sci-fi. Not dirt cheap, but when you look at all they do, with BBC1-4, Radio 1-5, all the local radio and TV operations (including BBC Bristol's renowned wildlife unit), News 24, Parliament, and a fair few besides, with most of that actually created by or for them, it's damned good value, I'd say. (If you've not seen Have I Got News For You, check it out sometime! It won't be available from the BBC, sadly, but it'll be on the net anyway. These things happen =:)

Frog? Just not that.. "crazy" one, please. Time for the Triplets of Belleville treatment there. ^_^

(And no interruptions! Never could stand the way Fox split up the Simpsons.. I'd mute when the ads came on, and just hope I was looking in the right direction when the show actually resumed. WTF with breaks in between the credits and the start, and between the end and the closing credits?)

I really hope the BBC does wind up migrating to a more global perspective, but for now, it seems like they're caught in the illusion of "broadcasting" being the only legitimate means. Silly, and demonstrably untrue, but I suppose these things take time to change; just would be nice if non-commercial duplication weren't considered to be the same thing as rattling off a million copies of the latest Hollywood blockbuster for commercial gain.
Frog? Just not that.. "crazy" one, please. Time for the Triplets of Belleville treatment there. ^_^

Oh yes, THAT one. I was in country when BBC got their asses reamed for showing it 5 times an hour, and Jamster got slapped with a lawsuit. And yes, DEFINITELY use the Triplets of Belleville treatment.

LOL! Most awesome fishing trip EVAR!