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Reports are probably unreliable, but indicate that telephone communications have been cut, Mousavi is under house arrest, Ayatollahs call for the results to be voided, and Rafsanjani has resigned.

These and other photos

dKos links to various sources
I wonder why the first photo is so purple. It's destructive and yet so awesome looking.
Color temperature, shirley? May well have been a cellphone snap, given the circumstances. Hell of a result, though.. hopefully to a greater effect!
Where did you find these photos?
Ah! Thought I'd included the link - Tehran Street Photos, courtesy of dKos. There are a few busy diaries there at the moment, trying to keep abreast of the situation.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing - it's a rather fascinating shot, and if this were Flickr, it'd be a favorite, too.