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Reports are probably unreliable, but indicate that telephone communications have been cut, Mousavi is under house arrest, Ayatollahs call for the results to be voided, and Rafsanjani has resigned.

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Allah be merciful to His Children. May His pen guide their hearts and His Sword protect them from the tyranny of unjust and ungodly men. I am crying tears of joy for the Iranian People, for they are doing what we once did over 200 years ago, and lack the courage to do again. الله أكبر! تحيا حرية الشعب الإيراني!
I dearly hope there's as little harm done as possible, by either side - times of great change don't need to be violent, as the Czech/Slovak separation illustrated, or even Slovenia's separation from the Yugoslav federation. All bloodless.

But, for now, we can't really be sure just how great the extent of the unrest really is - that's likely only going to unfold in the coming days. The Iranian power structure is, as has been long overlooked, quite unlike most we're accustomed to, with the president only being a prominent figure, in the civil wing, with much authority remaining in theocratic hands.

And let's welcome California into the EU, too. Maybe Oregon and Washington too. They seem like a fairly sensible bunch. ^_^
I wouldn't be too keen to welcome California anywhere, really. Outside of enlightened places like San Francisco and Los Angeles, most of the state makes your British National Party look like feather boa-wearing drag queens carrying a rainbow flag.

Heck, corn-pone Iowa had to show them how it's done!