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Reports are probably unreliable, but indicate that telephone communications have been cut, Mousavi is under house arrest, Ayatollahs call for the results to be voided, and Rafsanjani has resigned.

These and other photos

dKos links to various sources
Allah be merciful to His Children. May His pen guide their hearts and His Sword protect them from the tyranny of unjust and ungodly men. I am crying tears of joy for the Iranian People, for they are doing what we once did over 200 years ago, and lack the courage to do again. الله أكبر! تحيا حرية الشعب الإيراني!
I dearly hope there's as little harm done as possible, by either side - times of great change don't need to be violent, as the Czech/Slovak separation illustrated, or even Slovenia's separation from the Yugoslav federation. All bloodless.

But, for now, we can't really be sure just how great the extent of the unrest really is - that's likely only going to unfold in the coming days. The Iranian power structure is, as has been long overlooked, quite unlike most we're accustomed to, with the president only being a prominent figure, in the civil wing, with much authority remaining in theocratic hands.

And let's welcome California into the EU, too. Maybe Oregon and Washington too. They seem like a fairly sensible bunch. ^_^
I wouldn't be too keen to welcome California anywhere, really. Outside of enlightened places like San Francisco and Los Angeles, most of the state makes your British National Party look like feather boa-wearing drag queens carrying a rainbow flag.

Heck, corn-pone Iowa had to show them how it's done!
So, more or less like Florida in November 2000.
These people aren't afraid to depose those trying to cling onto power. =:)

(So, maybe if they'd just had better, more mind-numbing TV..)
I dunno? I wish we had BBC here in the US? Honestly, if I could pay to get BBC1-4 and World News, I'd pay serious money to get it, just for the commercials!

Although, that fecking frog would still make my blood boil...
True, the BBC does turn out a seriously impressive amount of work, from original journalism (sometimes even including dogged investigative journalism, and reporters in far-flung corners, not necessarily in the news highlights), through comedy and sci-fi. Not dirt cheap, but when you look at all they do, with BBC1-4, Radio 1-5, all the local radio and TV operations (including BBC Bristol's renowned wildlife unit), News 24, Parliament, and a fair few besides, with most of that actually created by or for them, it's damned good value, I'd say. (If you've not seen Have I Got News For You, check it out sometime! It won't be available from the BBC, sadly, but it'll be on the net anyway. These things happen =:)

Frog? Just not that.. "crazy" one, please. Time for the Triplets of Belleville treatment there. ^_^

(And no interruptions! Never could stand the way Fox split up the Simpsons.. I'd mute when the ads came on, and just hope I was looking in the right direction when the show actually resumed. WTF with breaks in between the credits and the start, and between the end and the closing credits?)

I really hope the BBC does wind up migrating to a more global perspective, but for now, it seems like they're caught in the illusion of "broadcasting" being the only legitimate means. Silly, and demonstrably untrue, but I suppose these things take time to change; just would be nice if non-commercial duplication weren't considered to be the same thing as rattling off a million copies of the latest Hollywood blockbuster for commercial gain.
Frog? Just not that.. "crazy" one, please. Time for the Triplets of Belleville treatment there. ^_^

Oh yes, THAT one. I was in country when BBC got their asses reamed for showing it 5 times an hour, and Jamster got slapped with a lawsuit. And yes, DEFINITELY use the Triplets of Belleville treatment.

LOL! Most awesome fishing trip EVAR!
I wonder why the first photo is so purple. It's destructive and yet so awesome looking.
Color temperature, shirley? May well have been a cellphone snap, given the circumstances. Hell of a result, though.. hopefully to a greater effect!
Where did you find these photos?
Ah! Thought I'd included the link - Tehran Street Photos, courtesy of dKos. There are a few busy diaries there at the moment, trying to keep abreast of the situation.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing - it's a rather fascinating shot, and if this were Flickr, it'd be a favorite, too.
Still, not the worst gay pride parade.
My thoughts go out to those people.

I used to work with a guy from Tehran. He was a student protester and was actually shot and arrested during the revolution. He was fortunate things turned out the way they did and he was released from prison.

He never really talked about it much. But I think he felt a lot of pain that he had to leave because of the way things eventually turned out. He's probably feeling a lot of that again right now.
But are these widespread, or just a single area? Unless it's across the country, I'd expect absolutely nothing to change. Except for a lot of people in jail.
Apparently, presidential change does not mean regime change, since the Ayatollah decides all the major policies such as nuclear power and relations with the West, and the Pres deals with the more day to day issues. Still, it is encouraging to see the Iranian people find some protest spirit. Even if it is crushed by the military, the spark will remain underground until a day that it can ignite again (hopefully in a peaceful but effective manner)