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Belgian waffle and Caramel Chew-Chew

Are you a East Asian/Caucasian mix? You may want to register your bone marrow, to help save a life. Time is, as one might expect, not unlimited.

This might be the game that convinces me to shell out for a PS3 this year.. just savor the trailer for Trico, from Team ICO. Absolutely gorgeous. And furry! Well, feathery.

In a most welcome development, the BBC has announced that David Tennant and Patrick Stewart will again perform Hamlet, alongside all the other key members of the company, for broadcasting on BBC Two later in 2009. =:D "Confirmation of the Hamlet film comes after months of speculation and campaigning by fans. One online petition, set up by RSC patron Margret Best, collected nearly 8,000 signatures. The BBC is creating a dedicated website to support the new film, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the actors and creative team."

Micro-review of The Hungry Monk: starter of spinach & Gruyère soufflé with beetroot salad. Absolutely excellent soufflé, lovely flavor throughout, with the cheese lending a light crust on the outside - gorgeous. Nice variety of salad leaves, fairly ordinary pickled beetroot. Local ribeye with tomato tatin - very good steak, offset against the tart tomato. Flaw: meat was medium, not rare as requested. Should probably have chosen something more intricate, but not a disappointing dish. Finally, their signature Banoffi pie - where the dessert originated, apparently, and a very good choice, with just the right level of caramel against a good thickness of lengthways-halved banana, plenty of cream, and a delicately thin pastry base. Would I go again? Certainly, although it wouldn't be at the top of the list, simply because of the elevated prices - somewhere like the Montague Inn offers food of similar quality, more regular pricing, and a better ale selection to boot. ^_^ But for a special occasion (such as a treat for a parent =:), it makes for a superb evening.

Monday, went along to see Carol Cleveland (probably known best to anyone I know from her time with Monty Python's Flying Circus, and in subsequent movie roles, such as Zoot in MPatHG) in a funny retrospective of her life, "Pom-Poms Up!" (Referring to her high school years in Pasadena, where she was a cheerleader; born in London and back in the UK for a good while now, she and her mother left for SoCal early in her life, when visa restrictions weren't in their currently hilariously restrictive levels, as the trend's sadly been over the past few decades) That was over at The Greys, a particularly good pub, with a worthy line in food as well, though only on Tue-Thu & Sat. When they have it, their slow-roasted pork shoulder is excellent, and I'd also recommend the spinach & pan-fried chorizo watercress salad with quail's eggs as a starter - all at perfectly normal prices, too.

A (NSFW) glimpse of a forthcoming pony av, by Muram.

Need a custom plush or puppet? canadian_beast is taking commissions!

mycroftb might consider this dice roller.. =:)

A fascinating account of a very functional - and current - matriarchal society: the Mosuo of southern China.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What astonished you the most?

Coler: That there is no violence in a matriarchal society. I know that quickly slips into idealization -- every human society has its problems. But it simply doesn't make sense to the Mosuo women to solve conflicts with violence. Because they are in charge, nobody fights. They don't know feelings of guilt or vengeance -- it is simply shameful to fight. They are ashamed if they do and it even can threaten their social standing.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: And when there's no solution to a problem?

Coler: Either way, there won't be an altercation. The women decide what happens. Some of them do it more strictly and others in a friendlier way. They are strong women who give clear orders. When a man hasn't finished a task he's been given, he is expected to admit it. He is not scolded or punished, but instead he is treated like a little boy who was not up to the task.

Hrm. 500MB free on the server's 1TB external. Time for some DVD-R writing, perhaps, or another drive..

I think I need to check what the filenames of the TZ5's first photos were. I know I take quite a few, but with the latest being "P1270264.JPG", I'm a little reluctant to believe I've taken 270,264 pics in the past ten months or so. ^_^; (It will be a few, though - I can usually manage at least 100 a day, sometimes around 200-300. I am a little selective in which ones I post here, or on FA, honest =:) Do digital cameras have expected lifetimes?

I'm stuck between two choices tonight. Cheap frying steak cut into ribbons, egg noodles, coarsely cut red pepper, loads of shiitake, broccoli, oyster sauce, and some bird's eye peppers for a sort of Chinese-ish stir-fry; or, some good local bacon, cubed Jersey Gold new potatoes, eggs, onion, and garlic. Tricky. I suppose this is where having a roomie would help - they could help tip the balance. ^_^ (The beef won out, though with plain button mushrooms, as the shiitake were already playing host to a neighboring species. Also added some julienned carrots, and some delightfully hot garlic sauce - Holy Cow's "Himalayan Garlic". I'd bought it as a garlic sauce, and was quite pleasantly surprised to discover it had some real kick to it. Oh, and some snippings of cilantro and lemon thyme, because they were in the fridge =:)
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