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The Supreme Court of California will issue its opinion on Prop. 8 at 10am PDT on Tuesday, May 26 2009. DayOfDecision, amongst others, is coordinating gatherings for the day. Personally, I don't mind one way or the other - the forces opposing equality have seen their support consistently eroded over the past decades, to the extent where the absolute best they could manage, even with the Mormons throwing in some 35-40% of total funding, was 52:48. Their path leads nowhere.

In a fantastic video vaguely reminiscent of Chris Cunningham's for Autechre's Second Bad Vilbel, discopanda found Mistabishi's Printer Jam. Superb bit of Squarepusher-style breakbeat/IDM.

bob_basset has/have posted some beautiful work in the past, but as schnee noticed, this horse mask is extraordinary.

Bacon chocolate chip cookies.

I don't link to movie trailers often, as they can usually fend for themselves well enough, but the first one for Sherlock Holmes has me quite interested. ^_^ Be warned, it does feature every trailer editing cliché from the past decade, but Holmes intrigues me - perhaps not terribly faithful to the original, but if the script can carry the film, the actors' performances could work wonders with it, on this first glance. Just don't expect any semblance of canon. =:)

Forty-six Somali words for camels.

A positive gem of an entry in metaquotes: Partisan-Man. Yes, sung to that tune. =:D

The Weasel Patrol is getting reprinted! And then there's one I've not heard of before, but perhaps should have, Stewart the Rat: "a graphic novel written by Steve Gerber and pencilled by Gene Colan in the wake of their ground-breaking work on Howard The Duck, returns in December in a value-priced edition. 'Gerber took the same cynical, frustrated sense of humor that made his work on Howard a classic and applied it to this tale of a walking, talking rat who faces the craziness of the Southern California lifestyle.'"

shatterstripes came upon the world's coolest USB flash drive: a black panther Transformer. Expensive, out of stock, modest capacity, and unbelievably nifty.

Want to be in an Apollo craft thrust up by a Saturn V? Try this simulation in the Space Frontier sim. Looks quite cunningly designed, and certainly good for some captivating photography, as you'd expect.

San Francisco's due to get 5MW of solar power, by plastering the Sunset Reservoir with 25,000 panels, in a deal with Recurrent Energy.

Kurrel the Raven's Furry Album is now available for download, from 320k MP3 to ALAC. $8, or whatever more you feel like paying; and it's distributed under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-ND (attribution, no commercial, no derivatives) license, yay!

Some rather less common Japanese furry mythological hybrids available from Bakemonoya.

Daimler takes a 10% stake in Tesla, as part of an active cooperation agreement: "Tesla will supply battery packs for Daimler's Smart electric vehicle – scheduled for worldwide availability in 2012. Under the terms of the partnership, Daimler and Tesla will also work together on battery management, cooling issues and the development of electric vehicle drive trains. Daimler will provide Tesla with vehicle testing and component support."

Interesting camera: the new Casio Exilim EX-FC100. It's quite normal in many regards - 9MP, 5x zoom, HD video - but in addition to the usual feature set for an upper-end point-and-shoot, you can get 21fps at best quality, or 30fps at normal quality, of full resolution stills, by asking for 1, 2, or 3 seconds at a nominal 30, 15, or 10fps. Video is also given a boost, with high frame rates of 480x360 at 210fps, 224x168 at 420fps, or a weirdly sized 224x64 (!) at 1000fps.

So, I've got this chip, and it speaks SPI. Groovy. Except, in Bosch's infinite wisdom, it comes on in 3-wire mode.. very useful. =:P But, you can throw it into a more usual 4-wire mode by setting a register bit. Well.. theoretically, anyway. Friday's seen me try many ways of convincing it to give 4-wire a try, just to see how it likes it, including all the CPOL/NCPHA combinations, but no dice - a multiple register read just remains steadfastly linking MISO & MOSI, and ne'er the twain be parted. Glar. At least the bus arbitrator addition's working perfectly, performing the initialisation quite late in the device's bringup, not using it until afterwards, and coexisting with the other devices' 100µs slots quite peacefully. And the new analyser/scope works beautifully well, replacing the one belonging to a contractor whose primary involvement has concluded; it's the predecessor to his, so the UI's mostly similar, and the deep buffer's as fantastically useful as ever - 400Msamples/s, so you can observe a set of bus transactions at, say, 1ms/div, and still zoom in to read off each byte at 500ns/div. (I did notice the scope - used, and at a remarkably good price - came with, as one might expect, an existing set of labels, including one I hadn't expected =:)

Pull, bunny, pull!
Mm, 1000fps is a fantastic concept, but even for novelty purposes, that's a fairly painfully low resolution - even teletext graphics have higher vertical resolution. =:) Still, as that reviewer notes, the 210fps is quite usable in dimensions, and probably ideal for a lot of real-world slow motion purposes. (Heh! Would be rather fun to take some lapine footage at that sort of framerate, but again, just the 5x zoom, with no possibility of adding a superior lens, would limit its practicality)

I wonder what sort of CG processing can be applied to blurred 30fps video.. indeed, I'd be very surprised if it weren't possible to reconstruct a much higher resolution still from a few seconds of noisy video, given even just comparatively basic principles of noise removal; even moreso with a high resolution accelerometer involved, for accurate positioning information per frame.

Egad! Current parity still exists? I was actually quite surprised when I worked out various options for the MacBook Pro - of course, with the GBP steadily rising again, that may change, but the British and American prices were quite similar, allowing for real exchange rates, but made advantageous on the British front, after considering the UK prices are the actual price you'll pay, including VAT, whereas the US ones aren't. Still, we'll just have to see how much mine winds up costing.. the boss is eyeing one as well, as is the external manager, after they've seen how smoothly Hyzenthlay performs.

What are the finishes on such cameras, though? My TZ5 is just silver (surprise!), and whilst I'd have preferred a darker color, for less reflectiveness in the sunlight, which isn't ideal for wildlife photography (though the buns are, on balance, far more upset by humans getting too close), I wonder if such hues are merely coated on in some way, rather than anodised or some similar "deep" treatment.

Four seconds? Surely the world could use a more relaxed pace of life, photography included. ^_^