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Just a little video clip, for your edification, from Tuesday evening's wandering back to the warren, along the trail near the office. First, I saw a rabbit not too far away - and then noticed the tiny bun nearby. If you thought adult rabbits could move quickly, just watch this microbun. =:D It's unedited and without any motion stabilisation processing, but I felt I had to share this. ^_^ [Edit: added smaller version, for low bandwidth connections, iPhones, etc. And corrected it for iPhone use - no B-frames]

2m49s, 1280x720 MPEG-4 MP4, no audio: 95MB
640x368 H.264 MP4: 22MB
Just over a minute and a half in... *zoom* =:D
Hee! Indeed. Baby buns are, I think, primarily made of tightly wound opposing meshes of rubber bands. ^_^
Wheee, microbun! *licks his muzzle*

Next door have some of those, alas, in hutches. On the one paw they look like tasty little morsels, on the other, it sickens me to see them locked up in a hutch, and more-so when the kids start to cuddle them. Blah. They're not toys.