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There've been piano and drum apps for the iPhone for a while now, but iSyn caught my eye - it actually looks quite usable and flexible. Intriguingly, it's from VirSyn, known for their pro music plugins, such as Cube and Tera.

If you recall a certain bodypainted doberman from a while back, here's the guy again as an oryx.

Devanagari: the language and the script.

An interesting article on New Jersey's River LINE rail link, which got off to a very poor start, but has since vindicated its advocates.

There are occasionally, some gems on metaquotes.. and I think this to be one of them. =:D It begins simply enough, with a rather awkward typo in an email to a coworker; but it's the reply which must be savored.

A new bunny! AnthroXtacy's due to release theirs soon; and the Bunny Rabbit Alliance will be holding a promo prom on the day, 3pm on May 8th, with some to give away. ^_^

Madcow's Madhouse of Building - wherein you can enjoy mechanical faces, creatures that use smaller creatures as missiles propelled from betwixt their horns, and an array of symbiotic relationships. Cheerfully cracked work - genuinely inspired.

So, Red Dwarf finally reached its conclusion - as nonsensical as most of the original stories, and certainly as much fun. I'll admit, whatever the storyline, I'd have enjoyed simply seeing the crew back together - not that Cat's catsuit hurt at all. =:9

Some rather spiffy (and brief, at only fifteen seconds each) Canon camera TV spots, of a very furry nature: wolf, lion, and penguin. (c/o Audie over on FA)

Well, that was an interesting outcome.. the recent Linden Lab "resident choice awards" winners were announced, and "favorite place for intellectual conversation" was Luskwood, pretty much the original furry realm in SL. ^_^

A comic: The Man Who Used to Know Everything.

If you're in the UK, and stuck with relatively slow broadband, Eutelsat may have an answer - for (from?) around £30/mo, they'll be offering 10Mbit service, though usage limits remain vague; ISP Review notes that refers to the basic offering, with a fairly useless 1.2GB/mo cap, or, as they put it, Fair Access Policy, or FAP. =:) Equipment may be extra, at around £400, with a 68cm dish for the new Ka band service.

I finally managed to spend a vaguely significant amount of time in-world recently, getting the terraforming of my spot in Wolf Valley mostly complete. ^_^ It's not a huge space (for now - eventually, it'd be nice to expand into a full sim, but I couldn't really justify that kind of cost. Maybe split two ways, though..), but enough to give a little snowy platform, upon which I can either build something original, or maybe see if the old homestead can be brought back into the world. Even as is, it's nice having a wintry nook to myself. Now, though, comes the tricky part - actually designing and building. =:D

So, people have taste: the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue - the iconic glass cube - is apparently the fifth most photographed building in New York City. (The top slots belong to the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Rockefeller Center, and Grand Central Station; followed by Columbus Circle and Liberty Island)

Indeed, SL has something for just about everyone, including free rubber Mexican teddybears. ^_^ Available from Winter Ventura's main store, over in Healy.

I wonder what that was.. on my way back on Tuesday evening, having looked on adoringly at a few young rabbits happily feasting away by the side of the path, I saw what wasn't quite a cat - too lithe, but quite a similar tail, like a linear squirrel. Maybe around 2' in total, but I could be quite off, as the evening sun was nearby. Some sort of mustelid?

And then there was this suspicious looking character the other day, clearly of a nefarious nature - just look how accustomed he is to posing for custodial photographs, offering up perfect frontal and profile stances. (The camera's concept of the prevailing light, unfortunately, made for less than perfect resolution and rather washed out shots, but I felt them worth sharing all the same) I'm pleased to note that within minutes, life for the local rabbits was back to normal, no harm done. ^_^

Elsewhere, right by the trail, a sliver of unfenced land has recently seen much more lapine activity than before, presumably thanks to the Springtime growth of the wild foliage, affording some privacy, nosy camerahares notwithstanding. ^_^

Seeing them but a few feet away from me, knowing full well I'm right there, and still having the time to look upon them calmly.. howsoever trying a day may be, such moments make it all worthwhile.

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