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I'll be sparing in my replies to everyone for a little while yet, unfortunately - such are the joys of tonsillitis.

It began unpleasantly last Wednesday; woke up, and realised the night had left me with a body enhancement of an undesirable nature. Took the day off, things didn't improve, bought some reasonable lozenges and ibuprofen to deal with the earache it had also given me. Thursday - almost fine! Went in, had a normal day. Friday - started feeling very slightly flu-ish, but other than that, still good.

Saturday, less so, but still nothing compared to the first day. Still, as a precaution, I dropped by the pharmacy and picked up some antiseptic suitable for gargling, and soluble aspirin for the same purpose. Saturday night.. back to as it had been, Sunday worse.

Cue a quick phone call to one of the local practices, and managed to get an appointment. (One of the benefits of living in a small town with a relatively old population - two practices in the main street, and another down the road) I couldn't oblige opening my mouth very wide, which didn't help the guy, but he agreed it was clearly a tonsil attack - "almost looks like an abscess". At least it wasn't (or so we hope =:) anything more than that, so bringing Hyzenthlay with me on the off-chance of a need to be admitted to a hospital forthwith was as unnecessary as I'd thought.

Strolled down to the nearby pharmacy, and picked up the prescription - a week's worth of liquid penicillin. (Just look what you've won!) Four times a day, 2 x 5ml doses, doubled for the first day.

So, still far from perfect - food is still soup, or the ice cream the doctor all but ordered I buy - but I haven't had to pop any painkillers since Monday night, so something's obviously working. With all this broad-spectrum antibiotic sloshing around inside, I could probably heal people just by touching them. =:)

Once this is all well and truly over, I am so going to attack a big pizza order.
Oh? My brother underwent a tonsillectomy around when he hit his teens - similar story.

As far as religiously advocated surgery goes, I think I'd consider circumcision to be of more practical benefit (lower STD rates, though with my sex life not needing even so much a calendar as an almanac, not the primary reason I'd go ahead with it).

Thankfully, the penicillin does seem to be doing its thing, happily - I managed to sleep again, even if not for all that long, and the mouth's feeling fairly normal, rather than inflated. Which also means I can speak without sounding like a bad Rowan Atkinson impersonator with a bag of marbles in their mouth.

Still soup today, I suspect, but I might well be able to enjoy it rather than have to get it into me out of necessity. Ah, soon, soon.. the Day of Pizza shall be upon us, and there will be much rejoicing. ^_^
I'm not entirely sure that plucking out ones eye, merely because it offends (that's what the hebrew should have been about) is exactly "religiously advocated surgery", but your point still stands.

I wonder if there's statistics to rate which is better at STD prevention: circumcision or condoms.

Any thoughts on what you're going to have on the pizza?