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I'll be sparing in my replies to everyone for a little while yet, unfortunately - such are the joys of tonsillitis.

It began unpleasantly last Wednesday; woke up, and realised the night had left me with a body enhancement of an undesirable nature. Took the day off, things didn't improve, bought some reasonable lozenges and ibuprofen to deal with the earache it had also given me. Thursday - almost fine! Went in, had a normal day. Friday - started feeling very slightly flu-ish, but other than that, still good.

Saturday, less so, but still nothing compared to the first day. Still, as a precaution, I dropped by the pharmacy and picked up some antiseptic suitable for gargling, and soluble aspirin for the same purpose. Saturday night.. back to as it had been, Sunday worse.

Cue a quick phone call to one of the local practices, and managed to get an appointment. (One of the benefits of living in a small town with a relatively old population - two practices in the main street, and another down the road) I couldn't oblige opening my mouth very wide, which didn't help the guy, but he agreed it was clearly a tonsil attack - "almost looks like an abscess". At least it wasn't (or so we hope =:) anything more than that, so bringing Hyzenthlay with me on the off-chance of a need to be admitted to a hospital forthwith was as unnecessary as I'd thought.

Strolled down to the nearby pharmacy, and picked up the prescription - a week's worth of liquid penicillin. (Just look what you've won!) Four times a day, 2 x 5ml doses, doubled for the first day.

So, still far from perfect - food is still soup, or the ice cream the doctor all but ordered I buy - but I haven't had to pop any painkillers since Monday night, so something's obviously working. With all this broad-spectrum antibiotic sloshing around inside, I could probably heal people just by touching them. =:)

Once this is all well and truly over, I am so going to attack a big pizza order.
Get well soon!
Thanks. ^_^ At least the pain's cleared up - the earache was really quite uncomfortable without ibuprofen, and sometimes aspirin as well.

I know I've been wanting time off work, but I'd thought that would involve sushi, the Pacific, and great friends..
Gack, I hope you recover swiftly, as that certainly sounds quite nasty. x.x
Thanks. ^_^ Pretty nasty, indeed, and I rarely come down with anything more than maybe a 24-hour flu every year or two - last time I had cause to visit a doctor was about five years ago, back in Wycombe, to have some stitches removed. (Reminds me, I need to get that registration form filled in sometime - I've moved, what, three times since then, though none of them bringing me back to the Bay. Yet, dammit =:)

I just really don't like that background worry - what if things swell up more, for whatever reason? =:P Ah well - it's only been 30 hours or so with penicillin, and I think things are improving, but damn, I miss being able to just enjoy a good dinner.

Which would, I admit, be a definite downside of being converted into a Cyberman.
Ugh! (*hugs through a bioencounter suit*) Hope you're back to spec shortly. (Does the liquid penicillin still taste like bananas?)
*snug* Still, with this level of penicillin in me.. (oh, gods. I did just have to think of a porn superhero with magnificent healing powers..)

Actually, this is like some kind of punk orange. Bit weird, but sort of matches quite well. I think I'd even choose to take it if I didn't need to. ^_^
Ug. Doesn't sound nice at all, though at least (so one hopes!) it's a fairly straightforward thing to treat with antibiotics. I like soup, and I like ice-cream, but nothing else day after day might get a bit tedious, even without the discomfort.
Mm, good soup - something really hearty, brimming with root vegetables and cubes of beef, or a good lobster bisque, or even just a well-prepared French onion soup - can be a real joy. ^_^ Trouble is, I'm having to go with the perfectly smooth ones, for now, so that's Shropshire pea, and cream of asparagus, if I miss out the asparagus bits. And most of the really fun ice creams tend to be much more crunchy..

Ah well. Soon enough, I hope.
ohhh, poor bunny! I hope you feel better, right quick!

gentle bunny hugs from California.......
Thanks. ^_^ At least that splitting earache's gone, so it's just a matter now of this swelling subsiding.

I suppose I should really put the local delivery menus away, shouldn't I? But those Italian sausage Fiamma and Bianco salmon pizzas from Papa John are so good! Something to strive for. ^_^
Get better soon!
I really do hope so. ^_^ Thanks!
Ack, I wish you a quick recovery.
Thanks. ^_^ There's so much I've yet to try cooking, but it's a bit pointless being unable to eat any of it, and there's no-one else here. (Generally the way I prefer it, though I admit, having the former co-worker as a roomie for a few weeks worked out much better than I'd thought it might)
Beamin' compassionate thoughts your way.
So that's why the microwave's making that weird occasional pinging noise.

Thanks. ^_^
Get well swiftly.
Thanks. ^_^ Hopefully shouldn't be long. So frustrating, knowing eating or drinking anything's quite uncomfortable, let alone anything that isn't very soft and smooth, ideally liquid. And pizza doesn't fall into any of those categories.

Maybe it's just as well I don't have a blender in the house.. =:)
Feel better soon, and eat plenty of carrot ice cream. =;)
Oooh.. now there's a reason for me to get a blender and an ice-cream churn. =:9 I ought to anyway, of course, for that freedom to make up combinations of my own, or just using real ingredients and hopefully cheaper than Ben & Jerry's. Think it was some banana ice cream I had in a Hamburg bakery several years back that showed me just how fantastic banana ice cream could be - 'til then, I'd probably only had the fake stuff, or just wimpily flavored. That, though, was just so rich, and so clearly unmistakably banana.. gorgeous stuff.

(Why, yes, I did enjoy Ratatouille =:)
Meep! Get better soon!
Thanks. ^_^ I certainly shan't miss this condition.

Now, if I only had a pizza oven.. home ones never go above 250C or so, but for real pizza, from scratch, you need much more ROWR - 400-500C. Seems it's possible to tweak some ovens, but given this is a furnished rental, I think I'd best turn away from that option. =:)
(Deleted comment)
Definitely not something I can recommend, but I suppose this uninstaller takes some time to run.

I was a bit surprised to find penicillin being prescribed, but after I confirmed I'm not allergic to it (as far as I know, and this seems to prove as much =:), there it was - three little bottles with a fluorescent, viscous fluid with a vague resemblance to a punk orange flavor.

Now there's an interesting combination! When I make my own, I typically go with four ingredients, as that's the limit Papa John's puts on their coupons (any menu ones, or make-your-own with up to four).. maybe chicken and ham as well, or for a deeper flavor, Italian sausage and Ventricina salami. (I've found goat's cheese and cherry tomatos work very well with such "heavier" meat pairings)
Owowow! Well, when you get over this, I will order up a big pizza in solidarity to your big pizza recovery. :)
If only a pizza-swap could be coordinated.. =:D (I do recall Edwardo's, one of the big names in Chicago-style stuffed pizza, does indeed do mail order! Just very well packed with dry ice, keeping the delivery nicely frozen. For my money, Zachary's is every bit as good, and much more convenient - one in Berkeley, the other just a quick hop from the Rockridge station, if you're ever up in that neck of the woods)

Auwe! How you get better soon? Oh, btw...the liquid antibiotics are going to play merry hades with your guts in a few days, so it'll be so very worth it to start eating live yogurt. And if you can get it, naturally fermented sauerkraut would be even stronger. Just squeeze out the juice to get all those lovely bugs into your guts.

YMMV, seeing as I already like the taste of sauerkraut...
Mmm! I'd been thinking there's bound to be some fallout from such a microbiological blitz. Hafta check if there's any of the good stuff in the nearby supermarket, or if that's something most easily left to the next delivery (cheaper than the bus, after all, and way easier having someone lug it to the door, if there's a bunch of 2l bottles, or a goodly collection of beer and cider. Such a pity there's no good substitute for bottling, even with current canning tech. Best, of course, would be if the local place could bring in a few casks of ciders from around the county, and just dispense into whatever containers you had, much as Middle Farm does, but in a more easily accessible location).

I wonder if good kimchee would do the trick.. I might be able to go into town and find some there. (And even if not, the Chinese supermarket I noticed might at least be a good spot to pounce for things like soy, black bean, and oyster sauce for sensible prices, rather than the supermarkets' preference for petite table-top bottles. Just wish it were possible to find good oyster sauce that wasn't half MSG)

Sauerkraut's wonderful stuff. Nice big pile of it, some sliced up potatoes with garlic and finely chopped ham, and a couple honking big bratwurst.. =:9 Actually, bratwurst's something I haven't enjoyed in a while now - plenty of other sausages, but I don't think I've encountered them at the place I usually go to for my deliveries. Maybe I need to take up hawthorn's open invitation to visit.. 'sbeen about six years since I last saw Germany, and about the same for Belgium too, so another visit to Westvleteren is definitely in order.
Meh. Tonsilitis is not fun. I used to get it a lot when I was younger, so the doctors took them out. Quite a Christian thing to do that. Didn't Matthew write וכל המכשיל את אחד מן הקטנים האלה המאמינים בי נוח לו שיתלה פלח רכב על צוארו וטבע במצולות ים׃?
Something like that, anyway.

Hope you get better soon.
Oh? My brother underwent a tonsillectomy around when he hit his teens - similar story.

As far as religiously advocated surgery goes, I think I'd consider circumcision to be of more practical benefit (lower STD rates, though with my sex life not needing even so much a calendar as an almanac, not the primary reason I'd go ahead with it).

Thankfully, the penicillin does seem to be doing its thing, happily - I managed to sleep again, even if not for all that long, and the mouth's feeling fairly normal, rather than inflated. Which also means I can speak without sounding like a bad Rowan Atkinson impersonator with a bag of marbles in their mouth.

Still soup today, I suspect, but I might well be able to enjoy it rather than have to get it into me out of necessity. Ah, soon, soon.. the Day of Pizza shall be upon us, and there will be much rejoicing. ^_^