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Galabbit, of the Japanese ski resort Gala Yuzawa, thanks to some detective work by rabitguy. And here's his weblog. ^_^ And the video clips are dangerously adorable, though I may be biased.

While ambling through WikiTravel the other day, I noticed the name of one outfit that offers North Korea tours: Lupine Travel. ^_^

Does anyone have a spare Intuos3 pen they'd like to sell? Or know of somewhere offering them at not quite eye-watering prices? I still can't find mine, so I suppose I've got to count it as lost, but the tablet itself is perfect.

If you're looking for a feline av, here's a video to consider (YouTube), showing Curious Avatars' forthcoming Felis, designed by Uchi Desmoulins, creator of the Kani. Damn cool promo vid, whatever your species. (And if you're lucky, you might be given one if you visit Uchi's Curious sim - depends if you see a prism anywhere nearby =:) (Photo by Aki Shichiroji)

Apple's offering some nice goodies to the person downloading the billionth application from the App Store; a free entry form option is also available. The winner gets a $10k iTunes gift card, an iPod Touch, a Time Capsule, and a MacBook Pro. (As of Good Friday, they were nearly at 930m) Entry's open to residents of most Western European countries, the US, Canada (but not Quebec), and Australia & New Zealand.

Zii noted the existence of S.L.A.R.F! - Second Life Avatar Review Files, with full 360 views of many avs, and considerations about their scripting and realism, from different creators. Very handy for discovering new avs and designers you might well not otherwise have encountered! Perhaps needless to say, they're eager to receive more reviews from other contributors.

If you recall Royksopp's "Remind Me" video, themed around informational graphics throughout, you'll appreciate this parody all the better, as kindly pointed out by Torley: Slagsmålsklubben, by Tomas Nilsson - wherein Little Red Riding Hood is presented in the same style. =:D (And, as I just noticed, you can download high quality versions of Vimeo files, if the creator's enabled that, but only if you've registered for a free account with them. In this instance, that gives access to a 102MB 1280x720 MPEG-4, which seems like a fair deal =:)

Speaking of Royksopp, I can happily recommend their new release, "Junior", whence comes this fun video for the first track: Happy Up Here. They've really hit their groove with this album, and HUH's video is just pure retro-gaming fun, with supreme style. (And, the first album I've bought from the iTunes Store - well worth shelling out for. Not a duff track in the lot - great for a quiet night, if you need something to remind you just how much fun life can be. At least, that's what it does for me)

Behold the wonder that is the Cressi Swim Glaros suit. ^_^ Curiously, Cressi Swim appears to be almost unknown, with Amazon US not knowing about them at all, and Amazon UK only selling them via a reseller. It's a much thinner, unusually flexible suit, much moreso than the Aquasphere Mako, and completely coated, unlike the Orca S2. The fit with the Glaros is noticeably better than either, being neither too long, short, or narrow anywhere, unlike with the Mako's leg length, or the S2's back length. The highly flexible fabric leaves it feeling more like a heavyweight lycra diveskin than a wetsuit - extraordinarily comfortable, with the flexibility also making it a cinch to get on and off.

iPhone OS 3.0 isn't anything shockingly radical, though it's very nice to see the Bluetooth and USB interfaces opened up for controlling peripherals, as well as data tethering. (A year ago, I'd've ranked tethering as highly desirable, but with the iPhone, I don't have much need to carry Hyzenthlay around. A native SL client would be fun, though =:) The search on the frontmost page can be quite handy, though I'm a bit surprised not to find any hierarchical storage yet, for easy arranging of apps into categories. At least now once you exceed the limit (16 per page; 9 on the current OS, 11 in 3.0), you can still reach the "unseen" apps using said search, but a hierarchical approach would be much more elegant, given the large number of apps many users tend to have on their iPotches. (Or do they? If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, do you have plenty of icon space spare, or do you find yourself having to remove apps to make way for newcomers?)

As for iPhone gaming lately: I admit, I've latched onto LD50 as my primary title lately. It's "just" an artillery game, simply very nicely done. (Sadly, it doesn't play nicely with OS 3.0b2 - plenty of abrupt quitting) Namco's Galaga Remix, including both the original and an updating, is some superb nostalgia. Rasta Monkey's another great indie physics platformer, Glyder's a very nice semi on-rails flyer, Freeballin' is a good multi-table pinball title, though I think I still prefer the feel of Zen Pinball, and X-Plane's recent helicopter and fighter racing variants live up to the quality of the original. Zero Grav Racer will have some serious competition in the forthcoming racer from Handmark, but they're all cheap enough to enjoy. ^_^ One of my favorite logic puzzles now has a free version, Marple Lite; and Zen Bound remains an absolute masterpiece.

If you haven't seen a bunny binky before, have a look at this clip. ^_^ (30MB, 2m19, 960x544; or here for a 15MB 640x360 iPhone-friendly version) It'd been a bit of a trying day, so seeing this young bun and his mother on the way back was just what I needed that evening - there's just something absolutely wonderful in seeing that simple, unabashed joie de vivre expressed in sudden SPROING! =:D

A happy bunny.

Here's a fascinating look into the frustrations experienced by one paranormal scientist, facing accusations throughout her career of being closed-minded: "This is something that many critics of skepticism just don’t see. I am often accosted by people who seem to think that I think as follows:- (Note - I don’t!) “I am a scientist. I know the truth about the universe from reading my science books. I know that telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis and life after death are impossible. I don't want to see any evidence that they exist. I am terrified that I might be wrong.” The way I really think is more like this “I am a scientist. I think the way to the truth is by investigation. I suspect that telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis and life after death do not exist because I have been looking in vain for them for 25 years. I have been wrong lots of times before and am not afraid of it”. Indeed I might add that finding out that you are wrong, and throwing out your previous theories, can be the best way to new knowledge and a deeper understanding."

BT's This Binary Universe was, perhaps, his finest album yet. If you'd like more of that, but - for my money - much better, try Trifonic - Emergence. You can download the 192kbps MP3 entirely free, or pay any amount you like for a version including commentary, in any format, including Apple Lossless and FLAC.

I thoroughly approve of this company's logo. ^_^

Charlie Brooker recently took a look at Fox News, and enjoyed what he saw. =:) The "Inside Edition" clip included has, of course, since been fodder for audio manipulators, such as this this dance remix (NSFW, except in New York and Chicago).

So, SGI is now, finally, history - sold to Rackable Systems, a colo company, for $25m. It's a sad moment, even if not terribly unexpected, given the company's recent years - without their original graphics mission, they were left fighting for server customers, with few distinguishing features, and lacking the scale of Sun, themselves not finding an easy ride either. I visited the campus a few times, given the number of furs that worked there, including one time deep into the bowels of the server rooms, where FurToonia was being transferred, in its handover from Trilobyte to SGI.

From the Onion News Network: Study: Children Exposed to Pornography May Expect Sex To Be Enjoyable.

Sunday felt like a good day for fake Indian, so I whipped up something entirely unauthentic and quite delicious. ^_^ Tiger prawns in a sauce midway between korma and jalfrezi, rice, tandoori style chicken, and a daal of sorts. No pre-prepared sauce here, although you might be surprised by some of the things that did go into it. =:)

Doctor Who "Planet of the Dead" - a load of fun. ^_^ Not a top tier ep, maybe, but easily in the upper ranks. Shades of "Midnight", with perhaps a soupçon of The Last Starfighter and Alien? Lovely soundtrack, too - very cinematic. I'll happily enjoy it again, when the occasion arises, ideally in full HD - great to see the other specials will also be produced in HD, which quite strongly hints at the show's routine production shifting that way. And then there was the return of Fullmetal Alchemist last weekend, too. ^_^

Sorry about such a large post, but, well, I've got a few things to talk about, if you're interested in conversation. ^_^ As for me.. oy. Well, it's been a hideously busy, high-pressure time, and the future's got considerable potential for serious screwiness, given the development team on the project has numbered two core members, plus one responsible for the UI, and a newcomer who's been helping around generally. And one of those core members just quit. =:/ Entirely understandable, as he's been on the project since its beginning, and before, and is responsible for the core feature set. He'll still be helping out remotely on a casual contractor basis, but obviously, that's quite a different matter to being around full-time, whether in the office or remotely. And, as such, it's also the loss of a good friend - he'll still be around, but not in person. Still, with what time he's able to contribute, maybe we can get this thing finally wrapped up.

I doubt I'll have much time to catch up with LJ from the past few weeks, I'm afraid - if there's anything I ought to know about, please let me know. ^_^ (What happened to purplecat?)

Hm! No subtitles, but I might have a peek at that.. a version of Mark Twain's work I hadn't realised existed, from Ukrainfilm in 1936, "Том Сойер". Hee!

Blossom bunny.

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  • Golden-blue nails

    First off, a huge thank you to jayblanc for making it possible for me to enjoy She-Ra Day appropriately. ^_^ It's a little sad knowing…

  • Fusilli Baharat

    Holy carp. This music video is downright amazing.. but then, it does push a few buttons for me, not least that it's all about cybernetic…

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    It's been a while since we did these, ne? ^_^ Here's the original map, and I've annotated it with L = lived (more than a month), V = visited…