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The temptation of an evening kebab

Rather a nifty find over yonder in lagomorphic: a carving from a 12th Century church in Herefordshire, depicting a remarkably cute hare and hound. ^_^

The ultimate in geekery: the Doctor Who theme, performed on twin Tesla coils, at a sci-fi con. Brilliant.

And a rather spiffy ad from Shell, with a very simple concept - just driving. Plenty of it, around the world, in an old school Ferrari racer, on ordinary roads.

Coming soon to the iPhone: The Oregon Trail. =:D Beware, though - it looks as if they may have attempted to jazz up the gameplay beyond the original storyline. For FPS lovers, though, the forthcoming version of Prey looks highly promising - assuming they keep to usual iPhone app prices, I may well give it a go, even though I'm not much of one for the genre. (I'd sooner see Viva Piñata or a livelier Animal Crossing =:)

Yay, more iPhone furry comics! The Skunk and the Ocelot: "What happens if you've got a killer hangover, the luck of a dead groundhog, and the entire galaxy after you? Why, you become the most wanted space pirate in the Universe (though not by choice)! The skunk Sen Tavr and the ocelot PJ Bloodwaters find themselves once again facing a crisis of cosmic proportions." You can also find the Russian version online here.

"Snow-crazed stoat 'goes berserk'", reads the page title, a little enthusiastically - but the brief video clip is really quite something to behold. O.o (Imagine a weasel with fireworks going off inside every few seconds)

Handy for the roving fontographer: WhatTheFont, a lightweight app that simply sends a photo you've just taken of a font sample over to Bitstream's font identifier engine.

Bunny Family Anomalies, a spiffy shirt from Threadless.

Don't suppose someone knows of a way to throw money at people in exchange for HD copies of music videos? Such a beast doesn't seem to exist, so far - the only way appears to be to rip the DVB-T (or similar) stream of MTV HD et al. In particular, I'd love a high quality copy of Pendulum's "The Other Side", or indeed, a full collection of their videos, even at SD - best option so far seems to be one of the In Silico offerings including two of the videos, and then add The Other Side separately.

Via savant_da_rat, This is Why You're Fat, a pictorial guide to artery-clogging culinary "wonders", such as the turbaconucken, seven-pound breakfast burrito, and corn-dog pizza.

And a shot from today's wanderings, down one of the unpaved trailways - following a few wet days, these three are taking advantage of the clear skies to catch up on some good munching and frolicking, in a spot that's quite clearly their space, even if they have to share it with humans.

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